I was addicted to being busy and the toll I paid

being addicted to busy. Kelly Summersett Life and health coach

Are you busy and fulfilled or busy and overwhelmed?


Big difference.


I was addicted to the second way for decades and here's the toll it took. 


Busy and overwhelmed.


What was I so busy doing?

  • Taking on too much responsibility

  • Controlling other people and situations

  • 'Busy’ work that kept me safe from doing the important work

  • Putting others needs and requests first

  • Being in my head ‘thinking’ about everything I had to do

  • Saying yes to too many things not in line with my values and goals


What did I get to brag/complain/feel good about?

  • How busy I was

  • How I couldn’t get my important work done because of my busyness

  • How helpful I was to others

  • How other people needed me


What were the positives?

  • People liked me

  • I felt needed/important/worthy

  • I stayed safe from failure, discomfort, and rejection by avoiding my important work


What results didn’t I get that I told myself and others that I wanted?

  • Business growth

  • More money

  • Peace and ease

  • To stop being so busy

  • Respect

  • More productivity


What was my mental state?

  • Overwhelm

  • Anxiety

  • Never feeling like there was enough time. Always a lack of time.


What happened in daily life?

  • Stress eating

  • Low energy

  • Not working out (or working out too much)

  • Lack of sleep

  • Scattered thinking


Now? I’m busy and fulfilled


What am I so busy doing?

  • Taking bold actions on my business

  • Saying yes or no to opportunities with confidence and without the guilt

  • Having fun in my relationships

  • Trusting and flowing that I'm exactly where I need to be

  • Living in line with my values and passions

What do I get to brag/complain/feel good about?

  • Being productive

  • My business, health, joy, relationships

  • Travel/fun


What are the positives?

  • People still like me (and actually respect me more)

  • I still feel needed/important/worthy

  • I feel the discomfort of failure or rejection and do the important work anyway


What results do I get that I tell myself and others that I want?

  • Business growth

  • More money

  • Peace and ease

  • To stop being so busy

  • Respect

  • More productivity


What is my mental state?

  • Chill/relaxed

  • Confident

  • Ease

  • Energized

  • Joy and happiness

  • Time feels expansive. I always have plenty of time.


What happens in daily life?

  • Sleep better

  • Healthy relationship with food

  • Regular movement

  • On-target thinking

  • Fun/joy!


Being busy (and overwhelmed) is a storyline your Inner Critic tells you to keep you safe from…

  • Playing bigger

  • Failing or succeeding

  • Being judged

  • Loneliness

  • Not being liked

Your Inner Critic is a liar. 


Being busy (and fulfilled) is a storyline you step into when you stop putting so much time and attention on your Inner Critic’s B.S. and learn the kick-ass tools that help you see through her ‘safety’ net so that you feel the discomfort that comes with playing bigger in your life and do it anyway. 


It’s not as if you don’t want to live that way now, it’s just that we weren’t taught how to do it. We were taught to stay in the safety net. 


But you know what?


That safety net comes with the being busy and overwhelmed storyline. 


I am super excited about a new master course I developed that dives deep into letting your Inner Critic go while still feeling safe and trusting you’re doing the right thing. If you’re always busy and are tired as hell of it, this course is calling your name.


Next Level You. Lose your Inner Critic. Find the kick-ass you.

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