do any of these fit you?

You’re successful

(yet you either don't see it or never feel successful enough)

You’re tired and stressed

(and what you're trying to do about it isn't working)

You’re kind and giving

(to everyone but yourself)

You don't like your body or are as healthy as you’d like to be

(and that messes with your happiness)

You’ve got bigger dreams and goals for your life

(yet you’re filled with doubts, fears, and negative what-ifs)

You're stuck

(yet figuring out how to get un-stuck seems overwhelming)

You’re ready for more

(and need a straight-shooting coach)

Life, health, and happiness coaching is what I do best and I do it for people who are ready to live this precious kick-ass life out loud!  

Moving you past limited and critical mindset B.S. is the foundation of my coaching because it’s the top reason you feel stuck, over-think, beat yourself up, and why you’re bigger dreams and goals are hard to wrap your head around or achieve.

You learn and practice transformational skills and tools so you show up and own your one precious life with abundant clarity, happiness, calm, health, a beautifully powerful voice, and the courage to follow through with bold actionables that lead you to achieving whatever you truly want. 


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When I think of Kelly the first word that comes to mind is inspiration. She inspires a change, she inspires excitement, she inspires positive thoughts but most of all she inspires passion. Kelly is passionate about life and teaching others how to live the life they truly desire.
— Karen Rollins, Owner of Corndog Inc.


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Want to know the top two game changers?  Loving yourself and firing your Inner Critic. 

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