Here's what's up

You’re successful

(yet never feel successful enough)

You’re tired

(but have too much to do to stop)

You’re nice

(to everyone but yourself)

You’re not in love with your body

(and that messes with your happiness)

You’re ready for more

(and need a guide)


Intermingling life coaching and personal training for people who are ready to be physically and mentally stronger while losing the physical and mental weight for good is what I do best. 

If you’re ready to take back your power over your life, health, and happiness we need to talk. Hell, we need to do more than that –– we need to get you going!

Kelly brings to light what is good, and strong, and powerful, and worthy in each and every one of us because the thing is this: everyone is worth being here; and everyone does deserve all the goodness that is created for us to enjoy.
— Talley Carroll, Philanthropist

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My Approach

Want to know the top two game changers?  Loving yourself and firing your Inner Critic. 

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Working with Me

I work with businesses and individuals, offline and on. Are we a good fit?  

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