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MindBodySWEAT is the total solution you didn’t think existed.

Like most women, I spent most of my life making it hard. I compared myself and used a lot of negative motivation to measure up, had a lot of perfectionist and control issues that kept me stressed and anxious, and I made sure everyone else’s needs got met before mine.

I looked put together, confident, and fit on the outside and had everyone convinced that I was happy and had my shit together. 

What was going on inside was different. I was drowning in exhaustion from over-functioning and being everyone’s support system, my self-confidence was low from playing the comparison game and always focusing on my flaws, and I was sad and frustrated because I never felt like I was enough.

And then I crashed hard and vowed to figure it the hell out. And that’s how MindBodySWEAT was born. 

Ever hear the saying: How you do anything is how you do everything? It’s true.

If you’re in the habit of beating yourself up for not getting to the gym as much as you should chances are you’re beating yourself up in other areas of your life too. Maybe you’re berating yourself for not being further ahead in your career, that everyone but you seems to be in great relationships, or that you have no willpower over wine.

MindBodySWEAT addresses your everything and gets to the root of super common behaviors us women inadvertently practice that keep us in vicious destructive cycles where we feel depleted from over-giving (and then don’t workout), believe shitty things about ourselves (and then want another glass of wine), second guess everything (and then stall out), feel embarrassed about our bodies (and then cover them up), and secretly fear we’ll never get it all figured out (and then....more B.S.)

No! This one precious life of yours needs to be lived full-on in a confident body and healthy mind. MindBodySWEAT tackles all this and so much more.



This unique course produces lasting changes in your body and mind by combining personal training and life coaching for 8 weeks of working out, unlearning your sabotaging behaviors, and practicing essential tools that up-level your whole life for good.


Here’s everything you get:

⇒ Two 1 1/2 hour group sessions per week
Each small group workout is roughly 35-50 minutes and the remaining time is spent in group discussion

⇒ Weekly mind upleveling worksheets that get you unstuck and move you forward!
These worksheets are yours forever and great tools to revisit every 3-6 months 

⇒ A non-judging and supportive group of women (six max)
Knowing you’re not alone and that you’ve all got each other’s back is powerful! 

⇒ Unlimited email access for when (not if!) you want accountability or need guidance
Response time is 24 hours (or in many cases sooner) M-F 5am-4pm EST

⇒ Private Facebook group for MindBodySWEAT women only
A powerful way we stay connected and encouraged between sessions. I share videos, help with clarification, and whatever else the group needs 

⇒ Weekly homework that I hold you accountable for
This is a super powerful partnership! One that you succeed at!


Here’s how you'll uplevel your body: 

We meet in my no-frills home studio or nearby park and get.it.done. If we can be outside, we are. I incorporate my equipment, creativity, and passion for exercise to keep the workouts fun, varied, and challenging so don’t expect the same workout ever

Workouts are circuit-based because they give you the most cardio, strength, flexibility, toning, and weight loss for your buck

♥ Because there are only six of you maximum, I get to spend a lot of time with you individually to make sure you’re doing the exercises right and that you stay fired up to push yourself to the next level of awesome!

♥ If you want accountability and workouts to do on your own time, I’ve gotcha covered. And many women use their existing gym memberships on alternate days. 


Here’s how you'll uplevel your mind (and life):

⇒ Weeks 1, 2, and 3 -- Your mind & Your Inner Critic
Learning how your mind operates is by far the most important ‘ah-ha’ transformational first step in figuring out why you’re stuck in the patterns and situations you’re in to begin with. In my opinion, and the opinions of my clients, this segment is gold. Once you learn what’s really going on up there in your mind you experience a real shift in how you move through life for good. 

You meet your Inner Critic. Who is she and what is she saying? You get good at upleveling your awareness to know specifically when your inner critic is triggered and create a healthier and productive action plan to manage her effectively

You learn specifically how she keeps you in whatever pattern(s) you identify with most: People pleasing, controlling, comparing, perfection, or isolation

This segment leaves you feeling empowered over your thoughts and your Inner Critic and gives you the keystone tools you’ll practice for the rest of the course and forever. 

⇒ Week 4 -- Fear vs Intuition (your Inner Kick-Ass best friend)
Learn how to determine if it’s fear keeping you from growth or intuition leading you in the right direction of growth. Both can seem fearful and it’s often confusing to know which is which. This week you learn to listen to, begin trusting, and taking action on your Inner Kick-Ass best friend

⇒ Week 5 -- Forgiveness for all!
This is a super powerful week of allowing yourself to forgive yourself and forgive others. You stay stuck from growth and happiness until you do this and do it the right way

⇒ Week 6 -- Gratitude for the good, bad, and ugly
This isn’t just surface ‘yeah, I’m grateful for my health’ bullshit. We dig deep and get good at recognizing the much bigger and smaller picture of gratitude. This is a keystone habit

⇒ Week 7 -- Values - Time - Productivity
This is a robust week of targeted questions that allow you to get clear on what you value and where exactly you’re headed. This clarity allows you to say Hell YES and Hell NO much quicker and easier and keeps you from staying stuck in maybe hell. Getting clear gives you more time for being happy, achieving your goals, and living life!

⇒ Week 8 -- The Four Agreements
This week is a game changer fo-sho and it’s based on Don Miguel Ruiz’s book The Four Agreements. You learn how to catch yourself when you’re going down ‘assuming the worst’ road or ‘taking things personal’ path. You learn how to be more authentic and straight-forward in your communication with everyone in your life.


Understanding how your mind works

+ Clarity around your stuck patterns

+ Upleveling your mindset + Workouts +

Courageous actions = A gorgeously happy you inside and out

Melanie Silva #MindBodySWEAT
LADIES: This is more than working out. This is life coaching. This is you becoming the version of yourself you thought impossible or too hard.

I love this course so much. And the women I met doing it have become life long friends. You’re worth it.
— Melanie Silva, Vice President of Smart Furniture

Imagine your upleveled life. You’re...

♥  Kinder and more compassionate to yourself

♥  Saying no and asking for what you want and need and it isn’t scary

♥  Quick to understand and correct what triggers you to over-function, please, and perfect

♥  Flowing through life’s daily obstacles instead of getting stressed, losing sleep, and drinking wine

♥  Finding time to do what makes you really happy

♥  Focusing on what’s going right and aren’t taking things personal or making assumptions

♥  Listening to and honoring your Intuition and putting your Inner Critic in her place!

♥  More courageous on a daily basis

♥  Really happy and living now instead of the past or future

♥   Taking action! Especially when you don’t feel like it

♥   Feeling fine, confident, and sexy in your jeans

♥   Seeing your relationships get easier and happier 


Imagining is the first step, taking action is the next one. Are you ready to take your life and body to the next level? It doesn’t have to be something you imagine, it is absolutely something you can have.


Here’s a top ten list of what women love about MindBodySWEAT:


Fresh and fun workouts that get results and push them out of their comfort zones


Accountability to do the assignments


Seeing that they’re not alone with their challenges 


Feeling sexy, alive, and happy and seeing this spill over into their relationships


Learning to trust themselves to follow-though and make lasting positive changes the right way


Seeing that their bodies and lives actually do uplevel for good in eight weeks


Finding courage and confidence to speak up for their needs without stressing out and overthinking


Getting clear on their values and being confident saying hell yes or hell no with ease


Learning about their mind and their sabotaging Inner Critic and how to take their power back


The authentic connections, support, and bonds they form with each other

I started seeking a coach when I realized that I was at a point in my life where I felt “stuck” mentally and physically. I knew I had greater potential, but I didn’t know exactly how to get “unstuck” and unleash it.

The results that I have achieved by working with Kelly has more than exceeded my expectations! I absolutely love that our sessions together incorporate both personal training and life coaching. The experience has been truly transformational.

I quickly lost unwanted weight and have started developing the dream body that I always wished I had.

Her life coaching taught me how to love myself, overcome obstacles, and mental blocks. My sessions with Kelly have elevated so many aspects of my life and overall happiness.

This has been the smartest investment I’ve ever made for myself!
— Sarah Medley, Salon and Spa General Manager
Sarah Medley

MindBodySWEAT uplevels your whole life for good because you learn powerful tools and ways of thinking that you will never unknow. Easier success, greater happiness, and a body you love happen naturally when you learn how to get out of your own way


Here’s your schedule 

⇒ *Schedule
Tentative start date is the week of March 26th

Monday & Wednesday 5:45pm-7:15pm 

*Because this is such a small group (six max) I am open to schedule depending on what works best for most. 

⇒ Location
My home studio and a nearby park in Stuart Heights (both close to North Chattanooga) 

⇒ Two bonus make-up workout sessions
Two Saturday mornings TBD


8 weeks. Six spots available.

You receive 24 hours (2 1/2 hours per week) of small group life coaching and personal training PLUS two bonus workout sessions for a total of 26 hours plus unlimited email and Facebook support and accountability. (Working with me one-on-one for twelve sessions is $1,580 as a reference point)

$995.00 through March 19th

$1095.00 March 19 +  (if space is still available)

One payment or two equal payments (now and week 4)
I accept cash, check, or credit card through Paypal (3% fee for that option unless you transfer from your checking account)

Bonus for signing up now -- Turn your 8 weeks into 9 and personal attention!

Prep for Success Pre-Course
It’s very important to me that everyone succeeds during our eight weeks together which is why I created this bonus pre-course. It’s as valuable as the rest of the eight weeks because when you come into the course properly prepared you are setting yourself up for SUCCESS! 

Register now to start this pre-course immediately! It includes a worksheet, powerful 30 minute one-on-one coaching call with me, and email and Facebook support to boot.

This worksheet coupled with our coaching call helps you take stock of everything you’ve got going on so you can determine what needs to be completed, tabled, or removed from your plate to make room for this work. This is a great pre-coaching assignment that helps you see what you're doing with your time and why.

The money value is $150. The value you get from it is much higher.

Here’s another way to look at it: When you take advantage of this bonus you’re getting 26 hours of semi-personal coaching/training and 30 minutes of personal coaching for $41.00 per hour plus accountability, assignments, unlimited email and Facebook support, a small group of rock star women to bond with and an upleveled life and body that’s yours to keep. What’s the value you put on that?!

Don’t think you’re worth it? That’s a big part of this course actually -- helping you find and own your worth! 



You deserve to have a body and life you love and it starts with having a kick-ass mind that isn’t holding you back!


Are you ready to be one of the six women to uplevel your whole life in 8 weeks?        

Fill out this information form and I’ll get back to you asap with further instructions about next steps and answers to your questions.

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Are you applying for a scholarship?



I have a MindBodySWEAT alum who believes in this course so much that she is offering two $200 scholarships to two deserving women who are ready to take this journey yet need some help. If this is you, here's what you do:

Please answer this question in 150-200 words:

Describe your bigger dream for your future and how this course will help you achieve it.

Email your scholarship submission to motivate@fitbykelly.com by 5pm Monday, March 12th

All submissions will be reviewed and the winners will be announced Tuesday, March 13th

Good luck!


I can’t afford this course right now. When will you offer it again?
This is definitely a limited opportunity that I rarely offer. I may do another course in the Fall but I’m not sure. 

If this helps, when I am hesitant about spending money I ask myself serious questions like how much has not getting the help I need costing me? How long has this been an issue for me? A year? Longer? What happens if I’m still stuck in my default life a year from now? 

Also, scroll back up to apply for a scholarship!

I’ve tried many times to get a better body and it’s never worked. Why do you think your course will be the magical change?
Because magical changes happen when I coach people if they’re open to change. And in my experience people ready to be coached are open to it because they’re tired of their default body and life. 

I help you get to the root of what has kept you stuck which is always some combination of old habits, thinking patterns, and Inner Critic B.S., and then give you new tools that make it much easier to succeed for good. 

I already belong to a gym so can I skip the workouts?
Our 1 1/2 hours together during each session are fluid. Discussions aren’t always at the same time and if there’s an opportunity to address something during a break in the workout I do. This is a total mind/body package filled with learning, sweating, bonding, and meaningful interactions so yeah, be there for all of it. 

Women love mixing up their routines and often go to their gym to supplement our time together. It’s also OK to cheat on your gym...you’ll be back ;)

How much do you cover nutrition?
This is not the focus of the course even though we do spend time on it because it’s an important part of the big picture. You will be encouraged to uplevel eating and drinking habits if that is something you need. 

I am not a nutritionist and my focus is primarily on helping you figure out why you do what you do. Food and drinks are symptoms. Figuring out the bigger picture is the solution.

Will I do well in this course?
You will do amazingly well when you feel the fear and go for it anyway! This course is all about raising your consciousness and letting go of outdated thoughts and habits that have kept you stuck and bringing forward new ones that actually produce more joy and peace in your life! When you put in the time and effort you will create a better mind and body that is even more healthy, vibrant, and alive!

Who would hate this course?
If you like to complain, make excuses, and blame others or the world for your circumstances this is not the course for you. This course is for people who are ready to take responsibility for their lives and do what needs to be done to elevate to the next level of awesome!

Time commitment
Besides our 2 1/2 hours together each week, plan for an additional 1 1/2 hours (+ or -) for journaling, assignments, and the Facebook group.

Pay in full prior to the start date or choose two equal payments (prior to start and beginning of week #4) I accept cash, check, or credit card through Paypal (3% fee for that option unless you transfer from your checking account)

We meet at my home studio in Stuart Heights near North Chattanooga or at the local park. If you’re looking for plush, air conditioned digs, this ain’t it. If you’re looking to spend time outside in fresh air (or inside if it’s raining) and get.it.done.like.a.boss., I gotcha covered.

This is a definite eight week commitment you make to yourself and to the other women. We’re a fierce tribe! If you need to miss due to some unforeseen situation of course we understand and we’ll catch you up on the Facebook group. 

Is this Therapy?
No. I am not a therapist, psychologist, or anyone with a long acronym after their name. I work with people who are ready to move forward and leave their past where it belongs....in the past. Who want to be even better at life!

Fitness level
This is for women who aren’t total beginners to exercise. You can be rusty and out of shape for sure or you can also be fit and active too. You are always encouraged to be smart, work within your level and modify when you’re body is saying, ‘oh, hell no!’ 

What do I know about teaching this course?
I hold my personal training certificate with National Strength and Conditioning Association, one of the top three certification programs. I have been an effective trainer for over ten years and I am a stickler for form and teaching you how to do it right so you stay injury free while also giving you the most effective workouts for body shaping and weight loss. Your time is precious so I help you use it safely and effectively (while also having lots of fun!)

Fitness is my passion and so is being an avid learner who craves figuring out life, why we stay stuck, what the bottom line is, and what the solutions are. I have spent decades treating my life as one big experiment and after years of self-study, being coached, and numerous skill-building courses I emerged to help women like you who also want to figure it out and move beyond a life that’s just OK and stressful and into a life that feels more free, authentic, and alive!

Ready to be a hell YES?

Fill out this information form and I’ll get back to you asap with further instructions about next steps and answers to your questions.

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 I'm super excited to hear from you and for your kick-ass future!