The B.S. ways I used to 'succeed' {they don't work but this does!}

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Relate to any of these statements that perhaps have helped you 'succeed'? I do. Or actually, I did. Big time.

  • You exercise a lot of control about your workout schedule and what and how much you eat until you inevitably derail and then judge yourself for failing.

  • You compare yourself to an ideal standard and it’s painful to constantly beat yourself up for not measuring up to it.

  • You over-think decisions and taking bold actions because what-if…you fail? Succeed? Get judged?

  • You’ve reached many career milestones yet you’re still ‘meh’, feel stagnant, and unfulfilled.

  • Your relationships are on autopilot and you feel drained because you put so much effort into making them work even though it doesn’t feel reciprocated.

 Going through life like this, since I know from experience, ain’t no fun. It’s hard, draining, stressful, and lacks joy. 

Society gives us this B.S. standard about what success should look like and so we try hard to achieve it only to arrive and be like, damn!

Thank your Inner Critic. She’s the one who has helped you ‘succeed’ by pushing you hard to check the boxes. 

Your Inner Critic, however, is an evil-angel who always wants you to stay very separate from your intuitive or higher self…the REAL you who absolutely has the power to speak up, take bold on-target actions, exude inner confidence in all situations, and be genuine.

You, my love, are already whole. Already authentic. And already full of motivation. And you already know how to intuitively move through life with ease and abundant joy. 

But if you are like I was, you're just the last to know (again, thank your Inner Critic for that.)

I have three options for you if you’re in growth mode and want to move past your Inner Critic and live full-on! 

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