Authentic freedom

Forget the rules and flow

going with the flow

Society rules — 



Uneasy control


Authentic Freedom rules —



Intuitive trust


Our son had us watch Valley Uprising, a documentary about the 50-year history of rock climbing in Yosemite Valley.


The first rock-climbers back in the 50’s said hell no to society’s rules. The American dream of family, house, kids, safe job, bank accounts, and the security all of that brought. 

They lived in the moment doing what they loved with the people they loved and survived on saltine crackers, catsup packets, beer, and pot. Lots of pot. 

Society shunned and judged them. They were less than. Irresponsible. Childish.

Yet these ‘less than’s’, without a plan, without the need to control, and without a care succeeded naturally and all with perfect timing. 

When they had no money and were low on pot guess what literally fell out of the sky? A plane filled with pot. Now that’s when you know you’re in the flow and that the Universe has got your back! 

When they were getting older and realized they needed to earn money they made themselves known to the media who put them in commercials and TV shows. 

Living in the moment, doing what you love, and trusting the flow of life is the shit! I know, I used to live by society’s Brules (bullshit rules.)

I used lots of control, always had to try hard, work hard, do things I didn’t really like, force outcomes, and be ridged with my plans. I believed Society when she said that’s the right way to succeed and achieve wealth. 


Be like the rock climbers! 

Take risks

Climb higher

Trust your intuition

Flow with what is

Be flexible

Be now

Do what you love with who you love

And watch and see! Your life will still work out and in perfect time. And you know what? You’ll have a whole hell of a lot more fun in the process. 

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Coming up for entrepreneurs:

'Coming out' is for everyone

coming out
Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway.
— Mother Theresa

National Coming Out Day is the day each year that BLT&G (Bisexual, Lesbian, Transgender & Gay….this acronym is easier and more fun for me to remember than LBGT ;)) citizens celebrate and reflect back on the day they ‘came out.’ And for some it’s the day they actually say out loud for the first time that they are unique.

How freeing and scary is that? Very.

Being your true, authentic self is so very liberating yet when you’re going through it; scary as hell.

How many people can relate? Even if you aren’t a BLT or a G, are you living your true authentic self? Have you “Come Out”?

What are your unique beliefs? What are your passions? Are you able to express them openly and honestly? Are you willing to be and show your true self? Willing to be vulnerable and transparent to yourself and to others?

The majority of our society does what they think they should. People live with limited and outdated beliefs, live in fear of what others might think, live to appease their families, and stay in jobs or relationships because that’s what they should do.

Being authentic means having the guts to make and stand by unpopular decisions. It means living from your heart and what feels right for you.

FACT: People who live authentic lives are healthier, happier, calmer, the right weight, sick less, more productive, sleep better, are in joyous relationships, and the list goes on and on.


1. Do you play it small around other people and allow them to make rules that don’t feel right for you?

2. Are you pressured to live a certain way? Is status quo bringing you status whoa?

3. Do you have dreams for yourself but continually talk yourself out of them? Or do others talk you out of them?

4. Do you feel constricted and stressed?

5. Are you uninspired? Bored? Short tempered? Unhappy?

6. Do you often feel out of sorts with what you’re doing or who you’re with?

7. Does it turn your stomach to go to your job? Come home from work?

8. Do you live life half awake? Are you ‘just OK?’

9. Are you so busy doing for others that your passions and joys seem like a distant memory?

I created a free e-course and that’s the best thing I can think to offer you today if you’re ready to come out. The Gutsy Guide to Your Authentic Freedom gives you powerful tools and insight to move you forward. Go ahead and download it. It’s free, valuable, and you can do it at your own pace.

So whatever you call yourself, be it BLT&G, OJ, or PB&J, make a stand to COME OUT and allow your true passions and beliefs to shine. Live an amazing life that feels good and authentic to you – the person that matters.

The temporary fear and discomfort is worth the long-term payout and results. I know. I’ve done it. I’m the L in the BLT. 

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