Four vital steps to keep you sane while you work on your goal

trust and flow kelly summersett
Everything works out in the right time when you learn to trust and flow.
— Kelly Summersett

Here's four vital steps I’ve learned to take that not only keep me sane but move me quick toward my goals:


Intention — Action — Trust — Flow


Candace and I set our intention to be mortgage-free back in the spring. Our youngest is headed to college and we aren’t letting any moss grow under our feet — time to downsize! 


If you’re local to Chattanooga you know this is easier said than done because the market is so hot. We knew we wouldn’t have trouble selling our house but finding that diamond in the rough to buy at the right price has been a different story.


We took all of the bidding wars and unaccepted offers in stride and kept going back to the drawing board.


Intention — Action — Trust — Flow


You know what happens when you live by these four steps? You get to your goal in the exact right time without stress or worry.


All of those offers that fell through weren’t supposed to ours. The one we’re in now? It feels easy and right. This house feels like home whereas many of the earlier home offers felt ‘off’, hard or forced. 


Granted, there’s a lot that can happen between now and August 9th, the day we close on our new house and sell the one we’re in. But you know what? 


Intention — Action — Trust — Flow


How easy is it for you to apply these steps to your life? If you’re like I used to be the answer is somewhere between never and “I try hard to do this.” 


That’s the point: If you’re ‘trying hard’ you’re doing it wrong! Life shouldn’t be hard. It should flow. And when you let go of control it does. 


Feeling in command yet not having to control outcomes and timelines is the perfect sweet spot that adds joy and ease to your life! If you could use more of this and you’re interested to learn how, you’re in luck.


It’s one of the areas we’re tackling in my upcoming small group master course for women. All the details will be unveiled soon and click here if you want in on them before anyone else (and grab one of the few spots at a discount). This course is gonna kick serious self-growth ass. 

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