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What’s got you Feeling stuck?

👉 Your love life patterns (or lack of)?

👉 The fat you’re sure isn’t just stuck to but super glued to your ass?

👉 Working hard at your ‘meh’ career when you really want to be working on your zip-lining and beach bar skills?

👉 Maybe you’re stuck on something big or small but the bottom line is:


Plain and simple. Your energy is low, your motivation is non-existent and life feels hard. And to top it off you aren’t even sure how you got to this place or what exactly to do about it.  

I created this free workbook for you because if you’re like me, you weren’t taught how to get yourself unstuck which is why you tend to stay on the hamster wheel. And sure, that may take off some ass fat (that no one really sees but you, BTW) but damn, there’s an easier way! 


This workbook…

~ Sheds light on what’s keeping you stuck. Hint: It’s not you but it’s definitely what you’re thinking about you.

~ Gives you five easy-to-remember and apply steps to take now (why wait!?) that literally gets your mind unstuck from anything fast.

~ Is what I use and help my clients use because it absolutely works for good. It’s like when you learned to tie your shoes — you just don’t unlearn that, right? Same goes for Get Unstuck! Once you know why you’re stuck and how to self-coach yourself into action you know how to do it forever.

~ Gives you empowering take-action worksheets to help you practice what you learn.

~ Is free. Yep. I’m not a self-growth hoarder. I believe when we can be of service and teach what we know the world becomes more loving, compassionate, and kick-ass. Yeah!

Kelly Summersett Get Unstuck!.png
I am so happy I hit such a rough time in my dating life in order to grow so much in all aspects of my life!!
— JoBeth Borowiak, Commercial Manager

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