The BEST Saying to Commit to Memory

Kelly Summersett
What other people think about you is none of your business.
— Everyone who has a healthy sense of self

This is hands-down one of the best sayings to commit to memory and practice on the daily and let me explain why.

Let’s start with the person who is giving you shade. Here’s the important thing to know: How they see themselves is how they see you.

So, if they have their own personal issues (and who doesn’t) or don’t have a healthy sense of self they will project their garbage onto you.

Example: You smile as you pass a co-worker in the hall. She has been put on the same project as you and she doesn't return your smile. You assume that she thinks you’re a bitch or that she doesn't want to work with you.

SIDE NOTE: We really never know what other people are thinking about us! We’re great at making assumptions and they’re typically not accurate and slanted toward the negative.

However, for the sake of this example, let's say you're assumption is actually right. She does think negatively about you.  

Here’s where it gets good!

When YOU have a healthy sense of self you won't care.

When you regard yourself with respect you:

  • Cease to care what you think people think about you because you recognize it’s simply their personal perception and truth (which is based on how they see themselves and the world.)
  • Believe in, nurture, and promote the qualities you know to be true about you because you understand it’s your healthy opinion about you that matters.
  • Make up healthier stories and assumptions about what you think they’re thinking instead of making it negatively about you. In my example above you may simply think they're having a bad day.
  • Don’t take people’s opinions personal because you know who you are (smart, talented, caring, welcoming, kind, etc…)
  • Have more compassion for others because you recognize that how they choose to see things is about them, not about you.

Want to get really great at practicing this (and more!) and dive even deeper into your healthy sense of self? Contact me for a chat. The tools I teach move people beyond old mindset B.S. and into amazing lives that are crazy happy, calm, productive, energized, and fun!

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