I thought I failed her until she wrote me this :)

take action on your dreams

A couple years ago a client and I parted ways and it was the first and only time (knock on wood) I didn’t feel like I was able to help. It wasn’t a good feeling. 


Fast forward. Last week they replied to Motivation Monday with this:


Thanks for all your motivational and inspirational thoughts. You continually impact my life in a positive way with what you share in your posts! 


I must say that you deserve some credit for my returning to school to put my life on trajectory towards engaging in a career I feel passionate about. 


It is amazing how many doors have opened up since I put aside excuses, doubts, and fears, and took that first step. 


Our conversations mattered to me. I think I heard a lot more than maybe you have been aware. 


I just wanted to take a moment to say thank-you! Life is so much easier and freeing when you are doing something you enjoy, that is the right fit!


Wow! That sure made my day and what great reminders!


1) You just never know

Of course you want to have an immediate positive impact on your co-workers, partner, kids, etc but face it — you simply don’t have control over when they will be ready to hear it. Timing is literally everything. 


Continue being that positive force even if you think no one is paying attention because even if they can’t hear it now, chances are great they will when they’re ready.


2)  Forget the fear

When you’re wrapped up in fear, excuses, and doubts your life stalls out. Take action! That first step is super key to living a life of your dreams! One that fills you up and honors your abilities and gifts. 


3)  Give credit where credit is due

You are not where you are today because you did it alone. Appreciate there have been a crap ton of people who have given you help, encouragement and advice. 


Thank them! Acknowledge them! It raises everybody’s confidence and keeps the positive cycle flourishing :) 


Client, if you're reading: The hard part is over -- taking that first step! Brace yourself for your continued abundance and keep taking those small actions that will continue expanding your comfort zone and life!


And know that you are inspiring people all around you because you're showing them what it looks like to let go of fears and go for it! :)