Your logical brain says doing this first is wrong. It's not!

Believe in yourself

We went to the IMAX last night to see The Polar Express in 3D. Super fun!

Believe was the key takeaway. No surprise there :) 

It got me thinking about Wayne Dyer’s popular book and quote:

You’ll see it when you believe it.

Us humans tend to do the opposite because we’re often stuck in left brain thinking which is all about systems, facts, evaluations, and logical explanations. We’ve got to see it with our own eyes before believing it.

Wayne says we’ve got it backwards.


You’ve got to believe something is possible before you will allow yourself to start seeing it play out. 

What you focus on grows, where your energy flows, 

and what you find evidence for in your life. 

(Tweet that, sing about it in the shower, or get it tattooed on your arm ;) )


This is a universal truth that applies to everyone and it applies to you regardless if you believe it about yourself or not. 

Don’t take my word for it, get out there today and apply it to your moments.

Believe you’re going to have better interactions with people. Believe that you are in fact going to have an easy time finding a parking space. Believe that you are worthy of speaking up for yourself.

Take it a step further and dare to believe that your dream of _________ is in fact a possibility. 

It is. You just gotta believe.

Create a merry week!

XO -- Kelly

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