The best five questions to ask yourself before the year's up

planning your year end

These five questions are very helpful as you spend time during this year end to reflect, celebrate, evaluate, dream, and plan. 

1. What did I do, experience, or accomplish in 2017 that I’m proud of and why?

It’s always important to start with your successes. So often we gloss over them, don’t recognize them at all, or turn them into negatives (I earned 20% more than last year but I really wanted to earn 25% more) and that’s not healthy. 


2. What happened in 2017 that didn’t go as planned? What were my challenges/fails and what lessons did I learn? How can I pull from those lessons moving forward?

Be real and honest and avoid blaming others or circumstances. 'Fails' and challenges are truly great things when you allow yourself to be human and know that they’re simply part of life and growth.

3. What am I tired of holding onto? Old beliefs, ways of doing things, or being? What am I ready to let go of?

We’re great about dragging past hurts, guilts, and shames into our present and when we do that it doesn’t feel like the present at all, it just feels like more of the shitty past. Time to move on don’t you think!? What's your action plan?


4. What is something important that aligns with my values that I commit to up-leveling in my life in 2018? 

What values have the most heart for you and align with your passions and heart? Are you doing them? Because when you’re not life feels heavy, stuck, and icky.


5. What is my action plan to honor one of these values for the first 12 weeks of 2018?

What is something small you commit to doing daily/weekly that will align or realign you with a top value? It’s important to keep it small and consistent. When you bite off too much it stalls you out and moves you into inaction.