My clients have secret relationship agendas. Here's Bob's story


Clients often come to me with a secret agenda that even they’re not aware of most of the time.

Take Bob for example (I changed his name for this post.) Bob called me in September because he needed direction for his business. He also wanted to figure out why he lacked energy and how to get it back.

After four sessions (out of 12) he started noticing major shifts in his energy, outlook, and business direction. He also decided to share another milestone with me at that point:

His relationship with his wife had greatly improved and he recognized a positive shift. They were communicating better, it was becoming easier, lighter and more fun, and he had more compassion and affection for her. She in turn was reciprocating the same better vibes and actions. 

I asked Bob why he hadn’t mentioned wanting to improve his relationship during our initial planning conversation. He said he didn’t think it was worth mentioning because he had accepted long ago that that’s the way their marriage was. They were very different, it wasn’t that bad, and he truly thought it was the best it could ever be.

They had spent time in the past putting in the work, it felt like work, and it didn’t work so why open up that door again. Why get your hopes up when it’s not likely to change anything. Accept what you’ve got, manage it the best you can, and focus on improving other areas of your life. 

When your career and relationships (or lack there of) feel like work of course you’re going to experience an energy drain and lack motivation. Your days are going to feel heavy, hard, and perhaps even hopeless that they could improve. 

And here’s the thing: IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY.

Bob uncovered the root of his career and energy challenges by diving into his weekly assignments and uncovering the negative patterns that were keeping him stuck and un-motivated. He learned life up-leveling tools that have produced a forever shift in him which has spilled over into how he approaches his career, marriage, and overall way of living.

The point I hope I’m making here is that we so often settle in our relationships (and careers too for that matter) and resolve to the fact that ‘it’s not that bad’. Bleh. If you ever say that to yourself I really challenge you to rethink it and take action because you absolutely do have the power to shift your course for good

Life’s too short and precious to be living it feeling like that’s the best it’s ever gonna get. 

I have a strong opinion about this which is why I’m kicking off my new course, ROCK YOUR RELATIONSHIPS, in late January. This inaugural course is for a select few who want to develop their relationship with themselves which WILL in fact strengthen their relationships with others (romantic or otherwise). 

If there’s even a small hint that you could benefit from this course I strongly urge you to get on the first-to-know list. This list doesn’t obligate or pressure you into anything, it simply allows me to give you all the details and first dibs to sign up for one of the limited spots (eight maximum) at a discounted rate.

This course will meet in person in Chattanooga and if there’s enough interest I will consider a video type course as well (using Zoom.)