Want a better relationship? Read this

I had so many great discussions last week and so I thought I would briefly tell you about one of them.

What you give out you get back.

We talked about this as it relates to relationships but this truth certainly applies to every aspect of our lives.

If you're giving out resistance, sarcasm, anger, frustration, lack of respect, or a bad attitude it is certain you're going to get these same things back.

During our discussion I remembered a quote that threw me for a loop several years ago: ‘What appears to be coming at you may be coming from you.” Ouch. That quote really woke me up and allowed me to take a good hard look at how I was ‘being’ in my life. Turns out I was being a semi-piece of shit. Damn. I always hate when it’s me.

What do you want from a relationship? You can never expect that you’re going to get it until you are living it authentically for yourself.

Want more love (who doesn’t want that!)? Then show more love and start with figuring out how to love yourself even more (or for the first time).

Actually, that's the only paragraph you need to remember – eva.

What are you currently giving out?

Resistance? Sarcasm? Anger? Frustration? Bad attitude? The bare minimum?

You typically give these things out when you're not speaking up about your needs or sticking to healthy boundaries.

Whatcha gonna do about it? I hope you choose to take back your power because being in a healthy relationship totally kicks ass.

Please feel free to leave some of your own relationship up-leveling tips in the comments below.