When a door closes, do this

You know that saying about how when one door closes another one opens up?

I experienced the next level recently:

When one door gets totally taken out and drywalled over a new opening is cut and framed in.

Our bedroom/bathroom remodel is finished!

When the previous owners added on the bed/bath/closet they created a long hallway that opened up into the bedroom which is where they chose to put the two doors for the closet and bathroom.

It made no sense to us. Why didn’t they utilize the long hall and put the doors there instead of eating up a lot of wall space in the bedroom?

Who knows. Maybe they got an idea in their head and couldn’t think of another way to configure it.

Ever been in a situation and think there’s only one way to do it? And then you talk with someone who sheds light on a new idea? Or you sleep on it and wake with an alternative way? Or are you the one who stays stubborn?

We can become so fixed as to how we think something has to be done:

  • It’s always been that way
  • It’s what we know
  • It feels comfortable
  • Our minds are stuck

And sometimes it’s literally when you’re forced to walk through a new door that you see the other door for what it was: A good one that served you well but damn! The new door is so much better!

That’s what we experienced when we relocated our closet door to the hall. Moving it forced us to rearrange our clothes and it turns out the new layout is so much better and more functional now!

Who knew!

So when one door closes: 

Remember there’s always so many more ways to get to your end result besides your way. So go with the flow and allow doors to close, new ones to open, and continue practicing possibility thinking and witness how much better things turn out!

Create a great week!

Kelly Summersett