3 Ways 95% Of Us Screw Up Bathing Suit Season

Kelly Summersett

It’s almost spring. Thinking about bathing suits yet? Ready for your private ‘see how my shorts fit’ fashion show in front of your mirror (complete with contorted faces)? 

Do you start out strong about now with a lot of fire to get to the gym after some well-deserved wintertime hibernation?  

I know the pattern all too well and maybe you can relate to what comes next — the comparison and perfection game, never feeling ‘enough’, using negative motivation and a lot of willpower to get to the gym, and ‘trying hard’ to eat right. 

Oh, and let’s not forget control. Oh yeah. That cute little self-imposed mind game enforcing strict parameters on food, play, exercise, relationships…everything!

Yeah that was me. Lots of control, trying to be ‘perfect’, negative motivation and willpower. 

Did I look good? Yes. Did I think I looked good? Hell no. I could only see my flaws and everything I didn’t yet have. 

Listening to that critical and negative voice never worked….let me rephrase, it worked but not well and not for long. It’s like seeing what you want for yourself but continuing to play out the absolute wrong way to get it. And that is ex-haust-ing. 

And since I’m divulging, here’s more — I never felt like I could share this internal mind f*%$ with anyone for three reasons:

#1) I always thought everyone had it more together (and looked better) than me and they’d judge me.

#2) I never wanted to show vulnerabilities or weakness and only wanted people to see that I had it all together.

#3) I didn’t understand or realize I wasn’t doing it right (weird, right?) I thought fitness and having a good body was just a struggle for me and the way I was dealing with it (control, perfecting, ‘trying hard’, negative motivation, etc) was the right way.

 Turns out? 95-99% of all women feel like this! It messes with your head and every single bathing suit season.


It is my mission for you to do it different. Better. Easier. To have support and be able to relax and know you’re absolutely not alone. 

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