My catalyst moment -- When my washer flashed F.U.!

what you focus on grows

Have you ever heard my ‘F.U.!’ washing machine story? 

It was a catalyst moment in time fo-sho.

I was going through my divorce, just starting my business (AKA: not making hardly any money) and stressing about everything. Did I have what it took to grow my business? Where could the kids and I afford to live? How I was going to support them? Should I get a ‘normal’ job and scrap my business dream? 

 Add in all of the guilt and shame that surrounded my decision to get a divorce coupled with my paralyzing ‘what-if’ fears about money.

Fear and lack thinking lead to more fear and lack reality…

My ice maker quit. 

My microwave broke. 

My coffee pot started caffeinating the counter. 

And the last straw? I heard my washing machine making a funny sound so I went in to see what was wrong and when I looked at the instrument panel it was flashing ‘F. U.!’ at me. 

Yep. I’m not making that up. 

My washing machine taunting me was the last straw and I decided in that moment that I was done playing small and being afraid. It came clear to me that I had become a shell of myself. Where’d the Kelly go that was fierce? Decisive? Confident? 

It was time to tack my power back.

Despite my severe financial crunch I got all of my appliances fixed because I was ready to show the Universe that I was done cowering. 

The Universe is always going to give you what you focus on and up until my ‘F.U.’ catalyst moment I was telling it to give me lack.

But you know what? When I decided to rise up and take my power back the Universe also rose up to support me.

I quickly hired a coach and started waking the hell up to life! Over-thinking turned into bold action taking and lack turned into “I’m worth it!” My confidence and income grew as a result and by sticking with my business dream I am now living my dream! I get to coach women who are ready to take back power over their lives and it’s freaking awesome! 

Here’s an important question for you to ponder:

What are you focused on? Lack? Fears? What-ifs? Or are you focused on actions? Possibilities? Growth? 

I learned a foundational philosophy during that grim time in my life and it’s this:

What you focus on grows and where your energy flows and the Universe will always match your energy and your focus. 

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