The Ironic Top Reason We Get Off Track


How did I get here? 

I spent so much of my time over-thinking, not trusting my abilities, lacking confidence, comparing myself to an unrealistic standard, perfecting, pleasing, and controlling (all Inner Critic behaviors BTW). 

And then I woke up and wondered who I was and how I’d gotten so far off course. 

Just last week a client literally said the same thing, “‘How did I get so far off track?”

They woke up and realized they're in a career that pays great but they hate, overweight and on medications from long hours and stress, and in a relationship that’s been neglected. 

It’s a great question to know the answer to because it allows us to have compassion for ourselves instead of beating ourselves up for not knowing better (our standard go-to.) 

I think most of us start off on the wrong track.

We grow up buying into society’s ‘shoulds’ and our Inner Critic’s fears— you know, to be successful you should…

  • Have the right degree from the right school
  • Know what you want to do for the rest of your life
  • Portray that you have it all together 
  • Be a perfect size
  • Work hard and flaunt your busyness 
  • Earn six figures 
  • Have the house, clothes, cars, smiles, etc…

We try hard to fit into society’s track for us and then our Inner Critics beat us up when we don't easily succeed. And we don't easily succeed because it's not supposed to be our track! 

This client of mine is seeing life for the first time without self and society-imposed shoulds. They’re learning how to rekindle their long-time passion for the arts and dusting off their creativity. 

Life is getting happy and they’re losing weight, smiling, connecting, and planning their exciting future. Their track has been waiting patiently and I’m so excited to help them climb aboard!

Give yourself a few minutes to reflect on your track today. If you need a jump start, read this post -- Your Future Self has a Juicy Question for you. 

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