Your Future Self Has A Juicy Question For Ya

Kelly Summersett

Let me set the stage real quick. 

It’s a year from now and you only know how to succeed at your bigger goals and dreams. In fact, success comes easy to you.

What are you doing, achieving, or experiencing on March 16, 2019? Dive in…

  • What’s your body look and feel like?

  • What’s great about your relationships?

  • How’s it feel to have achieved ____?

  • What are you doing that makes you excited to jump out of bed?

  • How are you treating yourself?

Did thinking about your exciting future fire you up? Or did your critical mind stop you in your tracks and throw out 15 negative ‘what-ifs’?

If you’re like most you likely experienced both because that’s the way we’re wired. 

Back in the day my mind would have only allowed me to get excited for a few seconds and then it would have went into safety mode, “Whoa! Don’t get too excited Kelly! You need to really think about this and pick the right time to start and besides, what if it doesn’t work? What if I fail? What if I succeed? What if it doesn’t go as planned? What if it takes up all my time and my relationships suffer? And more blah, blah, blah. 

And just like that I would stall out and crawl back into that good ole comfort zone for another sad season of living ‘OK’.

NOW is the only time you can have the future you want because NOW is the only time you can take a small positive action that moves you closer to your March 16, 2019 dream life.

Yet if you haven’t tamed your Inner Critic he or she will make certain you over-think and stall out now and never get what you want next year.

When I work with clients we always start with Inner Critic work because your Inner Critic is THE root to all of your blocks. Your Inner Critic’s job is to keep you fearing your bigger dreams and goals. Your Inner Critic is the biggest piece of shit ever and she makes your life hard. 

It’s typically between sessions 3-4 when clients really wake up to see the mass destruction their Inner Critic’s have caused so far in their lives and that’s when they get pissed. And getting pissed is great because shedding their Inner Critic allows their lives to take off! 

  • They get excited about starting the business they’ve always dreamed of and begin taking bold actions

  • They treat their bodies better and it becomes easy to make healthier choices and lose weight and tone up for good

  • Their relationships get easier because they're not dragging their own baggage into them any more

  • They start shifting their mindsets about current situations that only a few weeks ago felt ominous and stuck

What small action are you taking TODAY that moves you closer to your dream? Do it now -- the only time it ever is!

Want positive pressure to do it? Post your small action below, it works to write it down and share it with people who support you :) 

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