Getting vulnerable about my wrinkles


We live in a society with a ton of ‘norms.’

Get married by a certain age

Buy a house because you should

Smile even when you’re sad

Be thin at all costs

Make a lot of money in a job you hate

Look young no matter your age

“Society” is a buzz kill, a pain in the ass, and a big bully that wants everyone to fit inside a mold of sameness. 

I’m 51 1/2 years old and I’m self-conscious about my wrinkles and very aware of other people’s faces/bodies. I do the comparison game a lot.

So many people I meet these days regardless if they’re 35 or 65 don’t seem to have wrinkles anymore! What’s in the water!? 

Maybe they were born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline, or maybe it’s fillers, filters, or facelifts. I don’t care what it is and it’s not for me to judge anyone.

It’s me that needs to be OK with me no matter what ‘society’ says I should value.  

I need to be OK to know that I’m 51 1/2 — I’m aging! I’m not supposed to look 21. It’s OK to age! 

Even though I fall into the comparison trap I quickly climb out and remind myself of these facts because that’s the healthy thing to do. That what makes me walk confidently into a room. And that’s what makes me get back to feeling comfortable in my skin.'

And besides — how do I feel on the inside? About 30 :) 

Fear of aging ages me

Masking my wrinkles isn’t being transparent

Worrying about my looks robs me of living full-on today

I’m curious — what’s your stance on society and aging? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Please comment below.

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