Nine positive ways to fall in love with the winter darkness

kelly summersett

Accept the facts: Winter is coming. 

The short days are here. Cold is on the way. And for some, your facts also mean snow -- lots of it.

Three great things happen when you accept the facts:

#1 You move through the season much easier

Ever hear the saying What you resist persists? It’s spot on accurate. 

When you complain and stay in denial you’re resisting the facts therefore turning your winter into the worst, longest, and darkest one ever. 

I don’t think you want that, right? 

Then accept the facts. Doing so frees up your time and energy to take steps that move you through it easier.

#2 Your mindset shifts more to the positive

Accepting the facts allows your mindset to shift out of doom and gloom and into a healthier and more productive way to look at your ‘what is’.

What you focus on grows and so focus on what’s going right and what you absolutely have control over: Your positive mindset. 

#3 You feel more empowered to take positive action

When you accept the facts and shift your mindset you create the right conditions to take positive action! 

You know what works here? Embracing opposites. Instead of thinking darkness/cold is depressing, tiring, or sad choose to re-think what it can mean and take corresponding action!

I re-thought winter years ago and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for my health and peace of mind.

Do you need to accept the facts of winter and proactively shift your mindset this year? Of course you have the power to do it and I promise when you do you may even learn to like this season a lot :) 

I never thought I would say that but it’s turned into one of my faves :)

Here's nine positive ways to make this your best winter of all time! 

Pick one each week (or make up your own) and commit to giving it your best effort. Focus on the benefits you will start seeing with consistent effort. What you focus on grows.

1. Always saying you need to get to bed earlier but don't? Use the darkness to your advantage and adjust your bedtime. Focus on the benefits of feeling rested, more relaxed, and productive. 

2. Turn your bedroom into a delicious retreat with scented candles, deluxe-o sheets, down comforter and fluffy pillows. Make it inviting, sexy, and a place you're excited to spend time in.

3. Schedule in more quality time with family and friends to watch movies, have conversations, and play games.

4. Experiment in the kitchen by cooking new delicious and comforting soups or trying out new ingredients. 

5. Plan some local hikes to embrace the crisp air, stillness, and quiet. Fresh air, nature, and movement are all natural and free highs!

6. Gather friends or create your own personal retreat to reflect on the past year and map out the upcoming one.

7. Journal a little bit daily. What's going right? What are you grateful for? Gratitude is a keystone habit that turns your outlook around quick.

8. Train for a springtime event or commit to a certain number of home or gym workouts you enjoy and then watch out spring and bathing suit season! Not only will you be ready but each day you spend moving (even 10-20 minutes) adds to your energy bank and shifts your winter season outlook. It's a fact that when you're moving and getting your heart rate up that you feel more energized, positive, and happy. 

9. Meet new people by going to events, concerts, parties or talks that you would normally say no to. Focus on what will go right and who you may meet that you'll connect with.

What you focus on grows and where your energy flows so focus your energy this winter season on making it the best one yet!