Strength isn’t what you think

We were taught to be strong and tough it out.

To pretend everything is ‘just fine’ and smile when inside we’re feeling tired, pissed off, resentful, and out of control.

We have a society sickness that supports guilt and the stress that comes from never feeling like we’re doing enough for our relationships, friends, careers, pets, etc.

We feel pressure to present ourselves like we’ve got everything under control and that we don’t need help. Because asking for help certainly isn’t strong.

That, my friends, is a bullshit way to live and it breaks my heart.

You know what real strength is?


And let me be clear, vulnerable does not mean ‘hey, come on over and walk all over me.’

It means speaking up, having hard conversations, setting boundaries, and learning how to stop being so damn hard on yourself!

And holy shit, that’s scary! What if you’re rejected? Criticized or judged for not having it all together?

Sometimes it feels like a catch 22:

On one hand you’re stressed, overwhelmed and pissed for feeling the need to be so strong.

And on the other you’re crazy scared to lose that control, lean on others (or let them go), and show up courageously vulnerable.

I ain’t gonna sugar coat it, both places suck.

So much of my life was spent being strong, but not in the right way. Picture putting too much weight on a barbell; after so much weight you just can’t lift it anymore. I spent so many wasted years living small, stressed, and overwhelmed. Life was hard and heavy being so damn strong.

And then I started working on the tools to develop real and authentic strength. That was hard too! I had to retrain my mind to let go of some really deep-seated beliefs about how I viewed strength. Moving past shitty patterns of control, people pleasing, perfection, and comparing were tough (an important part of the process!)

Yeah, they both sucked but it always boils down to a choice:

Do you prefer infinite suck or finite suck?

If I wouldn’t have had the courage to overcome my strength fears I would still be stuck and stressed today. 49 long years.

In comparison, learning to practice real strength only took several months and now I’m free! I don’t have to carry around so much weight unless I’m actually building my muscles 

Life is so much lighter, easier, happier, and rewarding now that I know how to do it right!

The best part? Once you learn the tools you don’t go back to your old ways. You can’t because you know too much! It’s like trying to un-know how to tie your shoe. It doesn’t make sense. Once you know it you know it.

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