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Rock Your Relationships

Rocking your relationships with Kelly Summersett

How's your relationship? 

"It's OK"

"You know...it's going"

"It's frustrating but what can ya do"

"It's not bad. We get along"

"Oh, we're great!!! (and in your head you're yelling IT SUCKS!)

"Uh...not existent and it feels hopeless I'll ever find the right one"

Any of those your answers? 

Do you wish deep down it was different? Easier? Happier? More fun? Adoring? Loving? More intimate?

When these better dreams surface do you stuff them back down and discount them? 

"Our relationship is too far gone"

"We've tried to work on our relationship before and it didn't work"

"I've never had luck with relationships"

"It's better not to have too much hope so I don't get disappointed or hurt"

If you relate please get on the first-to-know list for this game-changing course. 

The foundational tools you learn and practice forever up-levels how you show up for yourself (THE most important first step) which positively impacts the dynamic of your relationships for good.

In-person and online options.

Getting on the first-to-know list also means you get the early-in incentives and first dibs on the limited openings. 

If there is enough interest I will host a separate course for men.

KICKS OFF JANUARY 2018 so get on the first-to-know list! 

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The Power of Happy | Session 9: Owning Your Voice
9:00 AM09:00

The Power of Happy | Session 9: Owning Your Voice

There is a much better way to approach difficult conversations instead of avoiding them or playing small and that’s what we’re getting to the bottom of for this month’s Power of Happy. 

Come learn why you’re stuck and what you have the power to do about it so that you show up with a confident voice that is full of purpose, clarity, and kindness.

Owning your voice is a happiness booster!


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Booty Camp!
to Jul 13

Booty Camp!


These six weeks of awesome will do the trick. You'll focus on shedding weight and toning up with an intimate group of other amazing women who are ready to get serious about their booties too!

Location: North Chattanooga. Distance options available too!

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to Dec 7


You and an intimate group of other amazing women build stronger and healthier minds and bodies while losing the mental and physical weight for good. Online and limited in-person.

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