dirty words

18 dirty words and how I stopped using them (you using any?)

Feeling stuck is a by-product of giving a lot of time and attention to your B.S. Inner Critic.png

Take a look at this list of dirty words!


Fed up

Sick and tired


















I am in the middle of an assignment for a course I’m taking and these are the words the women I’m interviewing use to describe how they feel (or for some, how they felt before we worked together.)


I relate to these dirty words well. They’re the ones I used years agobefore the shit hit the fan, I crashed, and then climbed my way out of hell into the energizing, beautiful light. 


Feeling stuck (or insert your own dirty word) is a by-product of giving a lot of time and attention to your B.S. Inner Critic.


Your Inner Critic is that voice telling you…


To put yourself last because your true worth is measured by how much you do for others 


You’re a failure because you can’t seem to motivate easily to achieve your goals like everyone else


Success equals busy, trying hard, and exercising lots of control


You better do it right (full-on or perfect) or don’t bother trying


It's OK not to try and that playing small is a good idea (yeah, damned if you do and damned if you don't)


Your Inner Critic’s job is to keep you safe but her demented spin actually keeps you from your dreams, living bigger and bolder, speaking up for yourself without guilt or shame, from being confident in your skin, and from the career and relationship of your dreams.


Losing your Inner Critic helps you gain back your life. 


If you’re using any of these dirty words to describe your life click here and download my free confidence guide. Your Inner Critic's brand of 'safety' also erodes your confidence and that’s bull shit. This guide gives you solid steps to understand how to start recognizing her for the evil-angel she is and helps you take back your power over her and your life because, damn! You only get one! 

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