I’m doing this one small thing to get me un-funked. It works amazingly!

Small things add up to big results

Did you know I started as a personal trainer in 2009 before I shifted into Life Coaching? Clients still come to me for fitness and health-related goals and I love teaching them perspective-shifting tools that give them power to sustain their results with ease vs. all the ways they’ve typically approached fitness and health up till that point. 

You know….the all or nothing approach, ‘trying hard’, using a lot of negative motivation and willpower, ridged control, beating themselves up for not doing it perfect, routinely comparing themselves, etc…..)

One of my original philosophies I promoted as a trainer was The Power of Smalls. I learned, by doing it all wrong of course, that real success isn’t in the big things, it’s in all the small things we do. 

And in fact the only way we reach any big milestone is by consistently taking small daily actions.

So, I’ve been getting quite lax with my workouts for some time now. I’m not creating time for them and I’m not challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone when I do so I decided to break out and apply The Power of Smalls. 

We have a big hill down the road from us and I decided that for the next thirty days I will run it. It only takes about ten minutes (up and down) so I can’t say that I don’t have time, and it definitely has me out of my comfort zone. I’ve done it five times so far and have shaved nearly a minute off my time and without even ‘trying hard’. 

The benefits of The Power of Smalls:

  • It gets you going consistently and consistency wins over doing something ‘big’ every time.

  • Your mindset shifts from 'I have so much to do and where will I find the time' (and then stalling out) to 'Wow! I’m done already!

  • It feels doable vs overwhelming. When you’re overwhelmed you stall out.

  • You see results because you’re not doing it once in a while or when you feel like it (or making it a big deal then stalling out), you’re chipping away at it every day.

  • Confidence! Satisfaction! 

  • You reach your goal with more ease.

Are you in a funk and need to shake things up? Or are you putting off doing something because your mind has made it into an overwhelming big deal? 

Apply The Power of Smalls and see the great results for yourself!

What’s one small you intend to do for the next 1-4 weeks? There's so much power in writing it down and sharing it so post it below and let’s do this!

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