I have a new relationship & what I learned

the power of now

When Candace and I met years ago we did something new — we went with the flow, stayed present, and had fun. Never before had we approached relationships that way.

And guess what? It’s still working like a champ. 

Our previous relationships were more about control and expectations which made them harder, less fun, and unsuccessful.

So, I met a new woman…she’s my business partner and I recognize that I’ve naturally treated our relationship the same way. We’re flowing, staying present, and having fun. It’s working like a champ.

Darlene and I met almost a year ago at a podcast seminar during Startup Week Chattanooga and we really clicked. So much so that we’re about to launch a podcast together! 

What I’ve learned is that all relationships (including the one you have with yourself) work better when you flow, stay present, and have fun. And you hold all the power to create them that way.



Life becomes much easier and happier when you flow vs control. Remember: You are always progressing at the right pace. It’s always the right time. And you’re always where you’re supposed to be. 

The reason it doesn’t always feel that way is because of the resistance we create. We have ridged expectations for how our life is supposed to go. We make up complicated stories and timelines and then get frustrated when they don’t happen the way we scripted them.


Be Present

Being present and now is the best way to move through all of your days because it’s never the future and it’s never the past. Now is where it’s at.

It’s the only time you create everything -- smiles, taking actions, being kind, authenticity, speaking up for your needs, and having….



I’m convinced it’s sorely lacking in our lives and that’s B.S. because all relationships deserve to be exciting, rewarding, and fun!

The best part? You have all the power to create it.

Flow -- Be present -- Have fun



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