Happily flawed people

it's OK to be flawed

Letting you in on a big flaw of mine. Here goes: 

I am better than a lot of people.


Drive much better than most 

Am always super considerate

Always clean up after myself and do more work than anyone around the house

Eat really heathy

Always talk about very interesting things 

Never say things the wrong way or get sarcastic


What I fail to see? What others see in me:

I cut people off on occasion and drive too slow

I say shit that’s offensive and non P.C.

I talk without getting to the point

I eat super sub-par food on a regular basis

I lose my patience when people don’t do it my way

I don’t always clean up after myself and sometimes can be downright lazy


Here’s the thing…this mindset is multi-faceted.

I see myself with rose colored glasses and everyone else sees me with a magnifying glass.


I see myself with rose colored glasses and I see everyone else with a magnifying glass.

And yet another facet…

Our spouses, co-workers, and friends see themselves with rose colored glasses and us with magnifying glasses.

So many facets! 

Do I like to be called out for my flaws? Hell no! Do you? 

How about getting called out for your flaws while the person calling out your flaws is sitting on their high horse like they’re above it all? Super hell no! 

I have been on both sides — the person getting called out and the person riding high on their horse. Neither one cool.

The thing is — we’re all flawed. 

We all wear rose colored glasses that make it hard for us to see our quirks and we switch to the magnifying glass to see everyone else’s. 

What we focus on grows and when we focus the magnifying glass on everyone’s flaws guess what we see? More of their flaws. 

Sometimes it’s vital to turn the magnifying glass on ourselves and get curious about our own less-than-awesome traits. Doing this helps us have compassion and understanding for others and allows us to refocus on their amazing qualities (we all have those too!)

I needed to hear this today and hope it has value for you too :) 

Peace, love, and compassion everyone!


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