My before and after pictures

Once upon a time I had a fat lard-ass body. My thighs were too big, there was ‘cottage cheese’ on my butt, and my abs were flabby.

See! There I am in front of the White House.

Can you believe how I looked? Disgraceful. 

Yeah, I’m being facetious.

To combat my sad state of affairs I would workout like a maniac 5-6 times per week for long periods of time and the harder the better because easy workouts were for wimps. I may have been a dumpy pig but I was no wimp. 

Food was the devil and I would punish myself with even longer workouts when I would eat ‘bad’ or too much. And because what we focus on grows, I grew the very thing I didn’t want –– an unhealthy relationship with food. Yeah, it controlled my thoughts, mood, time, and energy.

I never felt ‘enough’ and totally played into my Inner Critic’s BS that I needed to try harder, exercise more control, and measure up to an unrealistic society standard.

(cough) BULLSHIT (cough) BULLSHIT (cough) BULLSHIT

Here’s my after picture. Pretty similar, right? 

How much do I workout now? Maybe 4-5 days per week and a fraction of the time. My workouts are much less intense and sometimes only consist of walking.

What’s my relationship with food? It’s a healthy one! I mainly eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. And sometimes I indulge with fast food and chips. But most times I choose nourishing foods because I feel better when I eat them. I recognize when I eat out of anxiety or boredom and decide if I will continue guilt-free or to stop. I finally have an adult relationship with food.

This is one of my very top accomplishments actually because I never thought this would ever be possible. Letting go of my Inner Critic gave me my power back over food and my life.

What do I see when I look in the mirror now? A beautiful, healthy woman. 

When you change your thoughts and stop allowing your Inner Critic to run the show you start seeing yourself as the beautiful woman you already are AND it becomes easy and natural to make better choices for good.

Are you making the game of weight loss or other healthy habits hard to play or win at? Do you find that you have a tight control on what you want to accomplish yet don’t seem to have lasting success or that success is hard to come by? 

Appreciate the absolute power of your Inner Critic! Stop playing old programming and listening to what she is spewing or your battle will continue to be uphill, long, and draining.

Allowing your mind to open up to new ways of thinking and doing is the critical first step in the process of making your health and life easy to succeed in. 

Ya know those commercials where the woman says, “If I can do it anyone can do it!” I always used to roll my eyes at those until I started being that woman. She’s right. I’m right! 

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Kelly Summersett