Saying YES!

Two weeks every month Candace and I up-level a habit. This is my month and I chose saying YES. 

Each day we write down what the other person has to say yes to for that day. The gist is to make it something that either adds to our relationship or challenges us to do something out of our comfort zone. They have been very fun with the exception of the first day when my yes was bagging up a dead squirrel. And you could definitely say that met the ‘out of my comfort zone’ requirement ;)

So last Thursday she had to say yes to go with me to Drink and Draw at Society of Work.  To set the stage, it didn’t start until 6 (not a big deal to many but we start turning into pumpkins around 7) and it had been a long day and it was rainy. I didn’t feel like saying yes even though I initiated the idea. 

Saying yes to things that we don’t feel like doing –– even though we know it will make us better or that take us out of our comfort zone –– are the best things to say yes to.

And Thursday was no different. Check out how cool my two hours were!

We arrived, got our beers and started drinking and drawing. Even if nothing else would have went right that was pretty damn cool. 

Travis, the master of ceremonies for the evening, introduced himself and told me about TopCon. It's this great conference he puts on for artists, creative writers, etc. (Is that you? Check it out!)

I asked him for a card and he didn’t have any so I said ‘well, why don’t you draw me one?’ And he did. It’s the coolest (and biggest) business card I’ve ever received :) 

Next came the artist's presentation. Alecia Vera is a local artist and her signature style is making gunk heads. Back in art school she hated drawing faces and to turn her challenge into a positive she started using gunk (dried paint from her palette or other mixed-media odds and ends) as their faces. The gunk’s shape determined how she proceeded with the piece.

I totally dug her message of taking a negative and turning it into a positive. 

What really got me excited was her story about this clay dude she made. A lot of time went into making him and at the very end of the process his arm fell off. She was sad and distraught for days and thought he was ruined until….

She remembered that she could turn her negative into a positive! She didn’t need to trash him, she just needed to give him a new arm.

I loved her story so much that I bought him. He sits in my office to remind me to challenge my thinking.

Lots of good messages last Thursday. Do any of them ever trip you up? If so, here’s a few tips:

You don’t say yes because it takes you out of your comfort zone:

Think about what will go right when you say yes. Perhaps you will meet someone new, be inspired, or learn something. Predicting a positive outcome is always a good idea because what you focus on grows and what you always find evidence for. 

You allow your emotions to dictate when you say yes:

Emotions are prone to go negative and so if you wait until you’re happy, the right weight, for a sunny day, etc…there will be a ton of stuff you will never accomplish. What do you do? Do it anyway! Growing your FLI (Feel Like It) muscle is the most important muscle to grow!

You get distraught when things don’t go as planned

Do yourself a favor and never become too married to your ‘plans’ because you’re making them up and setting unrealistic expectations 95% of the time anyway. Learning to flow with your plan is very healthy and effective.

You’re in a habit of seeing the negative

If you can see something one way you can always see it another. Turning your negative into a positive is the very best way to shift your mindset and mood. Plus, it spurs possibility thinking and that inspires action.


He had an unfortunate car accident on the way home Thursday and lost his leg. 

The positive? He seems to be rolling with the flow about it all.   

Maybe Alicia has more poof balls ;)


Kelly Summersett