OWN IT! is eight dynamic weeks of digging in so that all areas of your life up-level for good! Here’s what to expect for the life/mindset coaching each week:

Weeks 1, 2 & 3 
Your Mind, Inner Critic, and Un-Learning all the B.S.

Knowing how your mind works gives you power over it because you no longer have to fear or listen to what it naturally wants for you — to keep you safe. When you know what’s going on and how you’re triggered you view stress, fears, and old stuck patterns in a new, healthy light. 

Your Inner Critic loves telling you stories about your worth, abilities, and limitations and she makes the game of life hard to play and win at because she's always the first and loudest voice telling you you're not enough, to fear the unknown, over-think the possible what-ifs, please others, try hard, be perfect, and exercise tons of control. 

She’s a liar and I help you get to the bottom of all of this because it’s exactly what has been messing with everything.

Weeks 4 & 5
Learning the Powerful Game-Changers

Now we learn all the kick-ass opposites! Being authentic, making and trusting your decisions, being bold and speaking up, taking care of your needs and health without guilt, learning to flow, showing up with confidence and clarity about what you do and who you are, learning to be present and genuinely happy (to name a few!)

All of this works to make your everything pretty damn great. Watch your productivity and energy take off! 

Week 6 
Values - Time - Productivity

This is a robust week that allows you to get clear on what you value and where exactly you’re headed. This clarity allows you to say Hell YES and Hell NO much quicker and easier and keeps you from staying stuck in maybe hell. Getting clear gives you more time to be happy, achieve your goals, and live life full-on!

Week 7
Not Giving a Shit

We spend so much time caring what people think, taking things personal, comparing, and making faulty assumptions and they’re all huge time wasters. We shine a light on why we do these things and bring awareness to these patterns so we show up consciously and can quickly course-correct well before we head down that rabbit hole. Clarity, productivity, and happiness for the lasting win! 

Week 8
Bold Plan and Actionables

This final week is all about you — your bold plan and actionables moving forward. By this point you’ve learned to let go of the patterns and mindsets that have kept the brakes on in your life and business and now it’s go time! You doing the work up to this point has given you more time, more energy, and more clarity to be extra bold with your business, health and life moving forward! Hell yeah!