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Three Profound Groundhog Day Life Lessons

Einstein and insanity

Groundhog Day was Friday and it's one of my holiday faves!

Have you seen the movie? It’s a classic (according to me)!  And a very strong metaphor for life as it turns out. 

Bill Murray has a bad attitude and is full of himself.  Me, me, me. What does the world owe ME? Poor me, I have to cover the Groundhog Day story. I have to stay in this cute Bed and Breakfast. Whaaa!  I have to get along with my co-workers who are nice and helpful. Boooohoooo! Why does bad stuff always happen to me?! How did I deserve this?! Great. I’m stuck in Groundhog Day! 

I have never officially counted how long he stays stuck but what I do know is that he doesn’t get unstuck until he frees up his mind to start thinking better thoughts about life. 

At first he takes advantage of this new ‘power’ by attempting to control people around him. Two thumbs up for his creative scheme to have his way with Nancy Taylor ;) He then experiments with law-breaking and reckless activities.  Flapjacks anyone? 

He begins to notice the town and its people in a new light. He also sees his choices bring him temporary gratifications yet still do not fill his heart with anything of value. He finally resolves to the fact that since he is indeed stuck in Groundhog Day, and has exhausted all other efforts, he might as well give up trying to control his course, use his ‘power’ for good, and ultimately change his thoughts about the situation. 

Bill starts helping people in the town – giving money and food to the poor, surprising a young newlywed couple with Monster Truck tickets, and helping little old ladies who cannot help themselves. He also starts living! He learns piano, takes up ice sculpting, and replaces the sarcasm in his weather forecasting monologue with funny and inspirational information.   He becomes a pillar in Punxsutawney, PA simply by being a nice and caring person who lives a healthy, rewarding, and productive life! 

Nothing changed in the town or the people in it. However, it was only after he changed his thoughts that the town truly transformed in his eyes.  

And that, my friends, is how he was able to wake one morning to February 3rd (February 5th in our case), the next glorious day of his happy and rewarding life! 

Here's three profound Groundhog Day life lessons:

1. You literally have the power to wake up on any given day and choose to focus on different thoughts and experience a different world.

2. You're stuck here, living life and you choose to be miserable or happy in it. The effort is the same. The outcome is very different.

3. Figuring out what makes you come alive and then going out and doing it positively impacts you and all of the people you touch with your gifts. 

If you’re stuck in Groundhog Day and want out, let's chat. I have one one-on-one slot open that will change your everything. 

This is literally the only thing holding you back from being rich


I was super envious of famous Olympiads and musical performers when I was young. I looked up to them and remember thinking how lucky they were that they were so gifted, talented and rich.

I dreamed of being rich too but always thought it had to remain a dream because in my mind I was separate from these ‘talented’ people. They were in an exclusive club and I wasn't allowed in. I could only wish.

One day it occurred to me to ponder my line of thinking about these people. Why were they famous? What did they have that was so unique and was it really true that I didn’t possess it? 

It was a big ah-ha moment when I saw for the first time that the key element that set them apart from me and most everyone else that I knew wasn’t that they were so rare in the talents they possessed.

What made them rare (and rich) was that they didn’t give up. They simply put in the time, work and effort to show up and do what was required of them when they didn’t feel like it, when it felt hard, or when they were getting knocked down time after time. 

Being ‘rich’ — however you define it — is for everyone. Yes, that means you too. And it’s not so much about your gifts and talents because we ALL have those. It’s about believing in yourself and simply not giving up. That’s how you win. That’s how you get the lucky breaks. That’s how you rise up and become ‘famous’.

Being curious about our human potential started back in the days when I was that youngster full of dreams and I’ve never stopped. It’s become my life’s purpose to figure out the root of why we have a hard time believing we aren’t as gifted and talented as others and why we give up.

I have happily spent thousands and thousands of hours reading, researching, experimenting, and observing all of this stuff and the root keeps becoming more and more clear to me. 

The root of why we don't feel as gifted and talented as others resides in our minds.

We have never been taught about this most fascinating structure hidden inside of our heads and therefore us humans have inadvertently developed the wrong mind muscles. 

That’s the way I see the mind (our thoughts), like a group of muscles. Some mind muscles are big and strong while others are puny. 

And guess which mind muscles (thoughts) are typically Popeye sized? Scientists say that up to 70% of our thoughts are negative and focus on our perceived lack. 

Do you want to hear the super amazing news? YOU CAN CHANGE IT!

Part of the very important work I do is helping people shift out of this negative pattern. They atrophy the negative mind muscles they’ve inadvertently developed throughout their lifetime and learn how to build super strong, sexy, powerful, productive, hopeful, and action-oriented ones instead.

When you develop the right mind muscles your life takes off because you’re not stuck in those negative patterns that stall you out and create umpteen reasons why you’ll fail, why you’re not as good as your competitors, why you’ll never find the love of your life, etc., etc.

You are amazingly talented (beautiful, gifted, lovable, etc.) and the only thing keeping you from the riches you deserve (what’s your definition of that?) is believing in yourself and then doing what it takes to get there without having to listen to the mind noise that tries to make the process so damn hard.  

Wanna get rich? Develop strong and sexy mind muscles :) 


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