Your Calling is calling you and here’s what it wants

Finding your calling -- Rumi

Ring, ring, ring


Hi! It’s your Calling calling

I don’t have time to talk right now. I’m very busy working overtime then feeling too tired and uninspired to do anything other than drink wine and scroll through Facebook.

That’s actually why I’m call……


Your Calling is always trying to reach you and it’s your responsibility to stay on the line to hear what it’s trying to say.

As a person who helps people figure out their passion and calling for a living let me start with this FACT: You are here on purpose and have a purpose. 

You’re talented beyond any and all limited beliefs you may have about yourself and it’s your responsibility to share them with the world while you’re alive (and living isn’t the same as being alive!) 

Here’s four things you get to do to that will help you hear and follow your calling: 

#1 Get out of your head

What limited beliefs are you thinking about your situation or life? That you can’t do X because it doesn’t pay enough? That you’re too old? Not experienced enough? It will take took long? That you wouldn’t be respected or will look silly? They’ve all got to go. Got. to. go. 

Allowing your critical voice, family, and society to dictate Brules (bullshit rules…thank you for coming up with that delicious word Vishen Lakhiani!) is preposterous and a waste of your time, energy, and why the F you are here taking up valuable space on this earth.

Tip: You don’t have to be your thoughts. Throw away the destructive auto-pilot ones that reinforce fears and Brules. 

#2 Get it on paper

Like right now. Get out a paper and pen and write down three times when you’ve been filled up with life and everything flowed. What were you doing? What types of people were you with? Why did it have heart for you? What values were you honoring? Did these times have anything in common with each other? 

Tip: You’re calling is hiding, perhaps in plain sight, in these recalled times.

#3 Get going!

Help your Calling out by taking small actions that bring you two closer together. 

Need more training? Sign up for that class you’ve been on the fence about.

Not sure about your specific direction? Schedule an informational meeting with someone who is doing what you’re considering. 

Tip: Any action will move you forward — even the action that seems to be a dead end or not the ‘right’ action. Action wins over ‘thinking’ every. single. time.

#4 Get your attitude dialed in

If you’ve gotten yourself into a pickle because you’ve spent years hanging up on your Calling it probably won’t be easy-peasy to just pick up and leave your job, relationship, or the ‘things’ that eat up your paychecks and time without some planning.

What can you do in the meantime? Have the best attitude possible and bring as much passion and calling as you can to your current set of circumstances or you’re guaranteed to be pretty damn miserable while making your loved ones miserable too. 

Tip: Eckart Tolle says the basis of all stress is being here but wanting to be there so make your here the best it can be and you’ll have much more fun during your process of moving into your new here (life is simply an infinite series of heres after all :) 

Ring, ring, ring


Hi! It’s your Calling calling

Oh hi! I’m so glad you called! I'm listening


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