My Conversation with my Daughter About Failing


I got to have a long and deep conversation with my daughter the other day and we talked about the negative meaning people associate with failure.

Fear of failure. It’s a big thing to a lot of people.

Luckily it doesn’t seem to trip her up and as she spoke I found myself getting fired up from her healthy perspective. I sounded and looked like a preacher giving a sermon as I stood up from my chair and emphatically thundered:

Failure is the best thing that ever happens to us!

It’s true. Every fail is a success because it teaches us something and entices us to take another stab from a different angle. 

“I haven’t failed. I just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” That’s what Thomas Edison said about his process of inventing the light bulb. Imagine where we’d be if he would have given up because he was afraid of what people thought of him.

People who fail are people who live! 

They do things out of their comfort zones that teach them how to achieve great things during their precious years here on this earth. 

What are you afraid to fail at? If you’re the age of alive I encourage you to re-think what it means to fail.

Here’s three great tips if you are ready to get good at failing, also known as succeeding, living, and growing!

  • Stay away from the naysayers. People who don’t encourage and support you with your dreams and goals are themselvesafraid to fail so don’t take their advice! Surround yourself with possibility thinkers.


  • Listen to the encouragers! I bet there are people in your life that are always encouraging you to follow your passion. They may be the people actually telling you what your passion is (because you may be blind to it) Listen to them!


  • Stop playing into your Inner Critic. She loves when you stay small and thinking that failure is a tragedy. Show her who’s boss and do the thing that you will probably mess up the first go around (or more.) With the right attitude you'll see that it's not even close to the end of the world and with practice you will succeed.

Create a great week and remember:

Where there's failure there's success!

Kelly Summersett