The Biggest Place of Power is Your Voice


I’m working on my website 2.0. Wow.

The absolute most challenging aspect of the process is getting crystal clear and concise about what I do, who I do it for, and what makes me unique.

You would think it would be so easy since that’s what I do everyday but it’s not. Or at least I’m not making it easy.

Here’s the thing: I’m so busy doing what I do, loving what I do, and taking for granted what I do that when it’s time to pick it all apart it’s damn hard.

Take Back Your Power Over Your Life seems to be a general anthem I speak about a lot and when I look at all the women (and men) I have partnered with over the years and I can honestly say that they have accomplished just that.

  • They have stopped listening to their critical voices that have kept them stressed, stuck and overwhelmed and instead learned to tune in to and take action on what their higher kick-ass selves want for them
  • They no longer play small and instead speak up for their convictions, beliefs, and boundaries
  • They go on to do great things with their lives –– they step into the careers that once kept them afraid to go for, they find their soul mates after thinking it would never ever happen, they learn to love themselves so damn much that they lose the weight and tone up naturally

So maybe I’m onto something with the whole Take Back Your Power Over Your Life thing. Maybe that will be the first thing you see on my homepage when it’s all finished.

Time will tell.

As I was writing this post today I ironically received a video email from Gabrielle Bernstein. She’s a great coach that I love and respect and she shared a great message about taking back our power.

She says the biggest place of power is your voice. She’s referencing the presidential campaign in her clip to make sure we vote, but the bigger point is for us to understand that no matter what situation we face we will always feel powerless over it until we start cultivating and expressing our beliefs by speaking up!

Have a watch and take a stand in the election and in your life!

(This five minute clip has a few F words)

As for my website 2.0, please wish me luck! I hope to have it rolled out before year end :)