When You Don’t Feel Like It

This past Saturday I held my first ever retreat for MindBodySWEAT graduates! It was so great and I was so happy to realize this long-standing dream of mine.

We spent some time reflecting on past assignments and how far they’ve come (so damn far!) but really focused on where they want to GO!

They left with a clearer picture of how to combine their driving values with their compelling vision for doing life BIGGER and BOLDER as well as the legit tools to go for it and succeed!

One thing I talked about was our I FLI muscle. We all have one but for the majority it’s very puny and severely under-developed. It’s I FLI for short and stands for I Feel Like It.

Can you guess the muscle that we spend the most time training and nurturing? This muscle is huge like Popeye’s bicep.

It’s the ID FLI muscle which stands for I don’t feel like it or  I Don’t FLI.

How many times do you want to achieve something and don’t? The operative word is want. We want a shit-ton of stuff but who cares.

Are you prepared to commit to achieving it? Are you prepared to hold yourself completely accountable to take the often uncomfortable actions you know you need to do even when your ‘I Don’t FLI’ muscle flexes her ugly self?

Do you know the only way to successfully atrophy your I Don’t FLI muscle? By consistently building and using your I FLI one. 

It boils down to this simple question: Do you want to FLI through life and accomplish meaningful goals or don’t you?

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