What if Staying Afraid Became a Non-Option?

I’m not a movie enthusiast or a Johnny Cash fan and my wife would love it if I was both. 

However, I do love my wife so I watched Walk the Line with her recently. It’s a movie about Johnny’s life but you probably already know that. I'm behind the curve when it comes to movies. 

Fine. I liked it :) And this was the best part for me:  

When he went into the studio to audition and he sang a popular song the way he thought he ‘should’ sing it and the record producer called him out! 

Totally paraphrasing what the producer roared:

Is this all you’ve got? You want a record deal and you show up like everyone else? Your singing has no heart and I ain’t got no time for that. 

So Johnny, voice small and cracking, started singing a song he had written. As he sang you heard the conviction in his voice increasing and you could see his confidence growing.  And he got the record deal.

When Johnny stopped being afraid to be himself and started owning it other people could see it and embrace it too. He became an inspiration when he finally believed it was OK not to be another ‘should’ in the sea of sameness (here's a related post.) 

Are you playing small in your life? Are you doing what you think youshould be doing? 

Humor me and pretend I’m the record producer right now: 

Is this all you’ve got? You say you want to live your passion yet you keep putting it off until ‘someday’? Where’s your sense of urgency? Why are you making time to be ordinary? Make time to live your unique dreams because this ain’t no dress rehearsal!

I challenge you to take a small consistent action toward your dream or passion. It doesn’t matter if your voice cracks at first or your confidence is still in growth mode — that’s how you learn and get better. 

Make staying afraid a non-option. You’ll thank me.

By the way if I was really that record producer I wouldn’t have signed Johnny until he learned how to sing in tune ;) Am I really the only one who thinks he’s tone deaf? 

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Kelly Summersett