The Personal Power You Have to Lift Up this Sad World

perception leads to compassion

Perception and compassion; I’m linking them together because when you understand perception you are more apt to practice compassion and that’s a really great thing!

Setting the scene:

You and your partner are sitting on the same couch, eating from the same popcorn bowl, and watching the exact same movie.

The movie ends and you say, “Oh my gosh! I cannot believe what an awful person Gertrude was! She ruined her partner’s life when she chose to move to Maine without him!”

Your partner looks at you as if you’ve completely lost your mind, pauses, and says, “Have you completely lost your mind? How can you not see that she was doing that as a selfless act of love so her partner could realize his dream of extreme caving!?”

Has this ever happened to you? It has me!

Everything we see and do is a reflection of how we perceive our circumstances and the world in general.

Wouldn’t you agree that if you grew up poor, a minority, or abused that you might perceive the world differently than someone who grew up wealthy, the majority, and loved? 

Take the movie example above; perhaps the woman who was so upset by Gertrude moving had a history of people leaving her.

Who knows! That’s what makes us all unique and that’s why having compassion for people is F*ing key to healing this very sick and hurting world. 

Please consider stepping back this week and allow these three points to really set in:

  1. Every single person you encounter every single day is experiencing their world in their own unique way based on their own highly personalized perception of it. 
  2. Most people are not whole. Most are hurting and struggling. Ever hear the saying ‘hurt people hurt people?’ Tis true.
  3. Most people have not learned the right tools to become whole. They see the world through a lens clouded with fear and negativity.

Showing up at work and with your family and friends with these points top of mind creates compassion, healing, understanding, growth, and ultimately more love and that’s what this world desperately needs.

Be the lighthouse. The world needs more of those.

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