Why you're not achieving your goal. Part II

Last week I gave the first three real reasons why you’re not achieving your goal and I said I would finish it up this week with four, five, and six so here they are:

Why you’re not achieving your goal (part II)

4. You lose focus

What happens when you play baseball and you take your eye off the ball? You miss it. Same with a goal. Take your eye off of it and allow the minutia of the day to interfere and next thing you know a couple weeks have passed and your goal is all the way out in right field picking clovers.

Your goal will never achieve itself. It needs you! To show up everyday and take small, positive action steps toward achieving it.

When you commit to a daily actionable you stay focused and create momentum to achieve it.

Last week we talked about planning. It goes hand-in-hand with keeping you focused so do it!

And when you recognize that you’re putting laundry, running the kids around, and other tasks in front of your goal start asking yourself why. And this relates back to real reason #3 from last week.

5. You listen to your thoughts

Which of the 60,000 + daily thoughts are you focusing on? Yeah, you have a lot of thoughts but you don’t have to focus on the ones that are telling you negative B.S.!

One of the most profound things you can do for yourself is to wrap your head around the fact that thoughts come and go 24/7 and it’s not until you pause and focus on any of them that they take on so much meaning and importance.

Want to focus on the thoughts telling you to procrastinate or do you want to focus on the ones telling you to get up and ‘just do it’?

You get to choose what thoughts to focus on and remember that what you focus on grows.

6. You’re in the habit of blaming or making excuses

It can be easy to blame circumstances or make excuses but you’re not fooling anyone, including you.

Taking responsibility for your goal –– from start to finish –– is all you.

It doesn’t matter that it’s raining. Go out for that run.

You’ve conditioned your family to need you for everything so that you don’t have time for your goal? Who’s responsibility is it to re-condition them?

You’re not an early morning person yet that’s the only time available to work on your business plan? Suck it up and do it anyway. Yeah, tough love 

A good quote from one of my main men, Zig Ziglar: “When you are tough on yourself life is going to be infinitely easier on you.”

Did any of these six real reasons why you’re not achieving your goal resonate with you? If so I hope you take them to heart and take action because there is nothing more gratifying and worthwhile than getting out of your own way to achieving great things!

Kelly Summersett