Hi! I'm Kelly and I drastically raise your life, health, and happiness bar by clearing out the B.S. that’s not working. 

I’m a straight-shooting coach and attentive listener that quickly gets to the root of why you’re stuck and helps you find your power and clarity to do something about it! I’m your enthusiastic partner who’s got your back as you shift into the kick-ass life you’ve been dreaming of because yes, there is more to life --- so much more!

My clients see more transformation during our typical three months together than they’ve seen in years or even decades. And they don’t just see one area of their life improve, they see big shifts in many areas — even the areas they thought could never change.

What do you need? 

When I think of Kelly the first word that comes to mind is inspiration. She inspires a change, she inspires excitement, she inspires positive thoughts but most of all she inspires passion. Kelly is passionate about life and teaching others how to live the life they truly desire.
— Karen Rollins, Owner of Corndog Inc.

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Want to know the top two game changers?  Loving yourself and firing your Inner Critic. 

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I work with businesses and individuals, offline and on. Are we a good fit?  

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