Are you...


(yet you either don't see it or never feel successful enough)

Stressed and overextended

(and what you're trying to do about it isn't working)

Kind and giving

(to everyone but yourself)

Talking shit about your body 

(and it’s messing with your confidence)

Dreaming of a more fulfilling relationship, career, or both

(yet filled with doubts, fears, and negative what-ifs)


(and figuring out how to get un-stuck seems overwhelming)

Ready for more

(and need a straight-shooting coach)

Shaking your head to any of those? You’re in the right place. 

it’s time to tAKe BACK YOUR POWER


You deserve to live a bold, genuinely happy, and fulfilling life and that’s what I’m great at helping you achieve quickly and for good



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When I think of Kelly the first word that comes to mind is inspiration. She inspires a change, she inspires excitement, she inspires positive thoughts but most of all she inspires passion. Kelly is passionate about life and teaching others how to live the life they truly desire.
— Karen Rollins, Owner of Corndog Inc.


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My Approach

Want to know the top two game changers?  Loving yourself and firing your Inner Critic. 

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Working with Me

I work with businesses and individuals, offline and on. Are we a good fit?  

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