Business Testimonials 

As a business owner we have been so happy with the results of Kelly’s FIT Business program. Not only has it enhanced the overall health of our employees who are participating but almost as important it has enhanced office morale. The employees have gotten to know each other better and therefore pull for one another. That is wonderful to see.
— Mark Brock, Brock Insurance Agency

I initially signed on to participate in Kelly’s FIT Business program because I was in a workout rut and needed someone to motivate and push me to new levels. I never imagined the amount of knowledge that I would learn from her. I had very low self-esteem and just didn’t see myself capable of achieving any goals that I had always wanted to set.

Kelly gave me the tools to start believing in myself. She retrained my body, mind and attitude.

I have never felt stronger or healthier and look forward to every single session because she never fails to switch it up, make it fun and greet us with the most contagious, positive attitude.

Before management brought Kelly on, I questioned if I was important to the company at all. After seeing management’s sincere excitement for the program, I know of my importance and that alone has boosted my morale.

I am able to refocus after a workout and get back on track. The stress relief is amazing. And I love the relationships that I have formed with the other co-workers who are also involved in Kelly’s program.

Even though I have worked with these ladies for years, working out with each other has given me a surprising new view and respect for these women. Seeing their transformations motivates me to push even harder. And our work relationship with each other is stronger.

Kelly and her program is a complete SUCCESS!
— Tracy Phillips, employee of Brock Insurance Agency

The benefits of working with Kelly will cover any expense.  She promotes a healthy mind, body, and soul.  Anyone who listens to her and follows her advice and example, even a little bit, will see an improvement in health and temperament, and the business will see improvement in employee’s attendance at work.

Kelly leads a 3-day-a-week fitness class here at Baylor. It’s free to Baylor staff and faculty and that’s a true benefit. Kelly has helped develop an amazing camaraderie within the group because of her style of teaching, energy, and ability to keep us interested and have fun at the same time.

This class means everything to me. It’s addictive, and I mean that in the best way possible.  She challenges the class so that by the end of 40 minutes, you are spent!  But that feeling of accomplishment along with the soreness and fatigue is so compelling you can’t wait to come back.

Some times when we’re moaning and groaning during an exercise, she will say, “Now, what are you going to do today for yourself.” And after every class she encourages us to be positive and make this day the best day ever.

My personal benefits? I have increased stamina, self-esteem and energy. I sleep better and have formed better eating habits as a result of regular attendance.
— Susan Collins, Assistant to the Headmaster at Baylor School

We have been fortunate to work with Kelly Summersett for nearly a year. She has transformed formerly sedentary people into active participants in movement and exercise and motivated previously active people to a new level of energy and fitness.

Her challenge at our company was daunting but she aggressively accepted the opportunity and reached many people who have embraced her concepts and reached new levels of health and well-being. Her emphasis on small changes was the perfect strategy for our group.

Our employees have gained a new appreciation and understanding of the benefits of nutrition and exercise and many have adopted a new lifestyle based on the knowledge and motivation that Kelly provided.

Her workouts are challenging but adaptable for all levels of fitness and her energy is contagious.

Kelly has truly transformed our company!
— Joseph Laufer, President BJB Electric,LP