The #1 Gratitude Rule When it's all Going Wrong

I'm diving into three kick-ass gratitude rules for my POWER OF HAPPY series and here's the first one:

When 98% of your life sucks focus on the remaining 2% and create ways to be grateful.

I created this rule in 2011 when it really did feel like 98% of my life sucked. 

I was going through a divorce, not making money yet in my business, worried about my kids and how I was going to support them and where we were going to live and my dear Grandma was dying. These were just a few ‘highlights’. 

Not exactly a lot to be grateful for.

I really felt awful, pitiful, and afraid back then and I reached the anxiety point where I wasn’t sleeping because I was always so worried. That’s when I decided to take my power back over my life and figure out another way.

I started reading about what I could do and that’s when I discovered the magical powers of gratitude. 

Everything I read said I would be a changed person after practicing gratitude for 30 days and as an experimenter of life I decided to take the challenge. 

I started a gratitude/success file but because I wasn’t used to being grateful (and it felt like nothing at the time qualified) I was dumbfounded at the start about what to add. 

And then it hit me! 

I could create what I wanted to be grateful for! So what if nothing was going right, I could create something to put in my file. Brilliant!

So I decided to write one thank you note a day for 30 days to anyone I felt like. That was something I had the power to proactively do and it worked! 

When I look back and compare my first entry to my 30th it's amazing to see the positive shift in my outlook, attitude, confidence, motivation and happiness! My entries when from a couple short bullet points (one being my thank you note) to numerous paragraphs, exclamation points, and smiley faces :) 

Guess what your challenge is today? 

Start a success/gratitude file and stick with it for the next 30 days and then sit back and reap the energy, productivity, happiness, and motivation rewards! 

Kelly Summersett