How Motivation Monday got its start and what I learned

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.
— Oprah Winfrey

Motivation Monday began on Facebook in April 2009 as a weekly inspirational quote posted to my status.  I started it as a pick-me-up for my family because they were faced with a lot of changes, heavy hearts, and strife at the time. And of course it wasn’t just for them, it was for me too. It was a way to keep my head focused on what was going right in the sea of what wasn’t.

Even when my family got through the down turns I was still compelled to continue these posts. They turned into longer write-ups that I sent to a limited list via an attached Word document. Around 1 ½ years ago I switched over to the Motivation Monday newsletter format I use today and I’m grateful for the strong and growing following.


There are three words that come to mind as I reflect on this:


It definitely has taken perseverance to sit down week after week to write this. I’m not going to fib, sometimes I wake up whining and kicking without much motivation myself. However, the majority of the time I truly love reflecting on my week to see what I have learned and what can be turned into a message worth sharing. 100% of the time I am happy that I took the time to do this not because I have to but because of….


I never run out of lessons or things to write about and it’s because I am so passionate about what I do! To compare, early in my professional career part of my job was writing promotions for technical products and I dreaded it because it was effortful. I thought I was the worst writer! Comparing then and now the obvious lesson I learned is that when you’re passionate about what you do it comes naturally, with an eager attitude, and it’s filled with….


Life rewards us with more ease, flow, and energy the more we express and live our passion!

And look at what I did here! I created a fun little acronym: PEP!

How can you add more PEP to your life?!

Kelly Summersett