You don't need anymore of this!

What is something that you absolutely do not need any more of yet it’s super important to apply and use?


No one can ever say that they don’t know how to do something especially if you have access to Google. 

Take my Motivation Monday newsletter. If you have been a subscriber for a minute, and thank you very much by the way!, you could have roughly 312 issues in your personal archives. Yeah, I’ve been putting out original weekly content without fail for nearly six years! 

In Motivation Mondays alone that’s a shit ton of really great and useful information about how to live bigger, bolder, happier, calmer, weigh less, and duh…motivate more!

So here’s the thing, it’s not that we lack information it’s that we lack application of it. 

We take it for granted and gloss over it often saying, ‘yeah, I know that.’ 

Who cares if you know it, are you applying it? 


I challenge you to start applying information that is going to move you forward in your life this year. 

Pick something from a book you own or click here to access the Motivation Monday archives and choose a juicy morsel from there.

And then take a regular, small action that applies this delicious knowledge for the next 30 days.


You have a book that talks about ways to decrease stress and they list meditation as a powerful tool. You’re actionable would be to set aside 2-5 minutes for the next 30 days to do it.

Here’s a Motivation Monday about how to get out of your comfort zone with a really great actionable.

And here’s one that gives you tools and a plan to kick a habit.

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Kelly Summersett