I work with businesses and individuals, offline and on.

Learn more about the programs and practices we'll use to uncover your healthy and happy self. 

Personal Coaching

Health and physical coaching
Life and happiness coaching
(or a combo of both!)

Small Groups

My super popular MindBodySWEAT course and small group fitness sessions.


Custom Courses, workshops, onsite fitness, writing and speaking.

Motivational Writing

Custom health and wellness content for your publication.

Motivational Speaking

I love getting people fired up to live bigger, bolder, and happier!

When I think of Kelly the first word that comes to mind is inspiration. She inspires a change, she inspires excitement, she inspires positive thoughts but most of all she inspires passion. Kelly is passionate about life and teaching others how to live the life they truly desire.
— Karen Rollins, Entrepreneur


How do you approach nutrition for weight loss?

I am not a nutritionist. I work with you to get to the source of why you may have not been successful with weight loss in the past and give you life up-leveling tools to change that for good. 

Is coaching like therapy?

No and let me be clear –– I'm not a therapist. I work with people who are ready to get to their next levels of life and focus on their amazing futures.  

Payment options

Google Transfer or Paypal if you're using credit card (additional service fee)