Small Groups



MindBodySWEAT is my signature course and it’s like no other. You and an intimate group of women like you bond, grow, and move past obstacles that have kept you stuck from living full-on! 

MindBodySWEAT teaches you how to re-think the way you have designed your body and life up until this point and gives you pivotal and proven tools to practice that help you re-design them to be stronger, healthier, leaner, and more vibrant!

This eight week course is offered online and in person twice per year, Spring and Fall. In-person is extremely limited. Click here to find out more!


I coach small groups, and all ability levels, at my home studio (North Chattanooga), your home, or your business. Workouts are always varied and fun and include everything from boxing to kettle bells (and a lot in between!) 

Sessions are geared for people who want challenging and effective full-body workouts that help them gain muscle and lose fat and like the benefits of being with a small group.  

In addition, everyone chooses a small positive habit to up-level outside of class (where the real work takes place) and are given the tools and support to achieve it. The positive pressure of the intimate group (and from me) encourages accountability and success! 

If you are ready to get fit in a non-judging, encouraging, and fun environment this might be your route. 

Choose 6-8 week sessions and meet once or twice per week. 

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