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Booty Camp!


These six weeks of awesome will do the trick. You'll focus on shedding weight and toning up with an intimate group of other amazing and supportive women who are ready to get serious about their booties too!


Count on…

  • A variety of cardio and strength moves (for all fitness levels) that lift, tone, and tighten your booty (and all your other areas ;)) during each group session
  • An effective and time efficient easy-to-follow workout plan you will do on the days we’re not together 
  • A practical eating plan that produces significant results and is geared for women with lives :)
  • Accountability and support both in and out of class because let’s face it –– it’s what you’re doing (or not doing) outside of class that plays the biggest role in your success.
  • A non-judging fun and supportive environment. It's the only way I operate. 

Booty Camp is for you if:

  • You thrive in an encouraging and fun small group environment (six women max) where you're supported and held accountable to reach your goals
  • You're ready to say hell yes to putting in the effort it takes both in and out of class to succeed (with my help and support of course :)) 
  • You need a practical and easy nutrition and workout plan to follow that ensures your success without gimmicks, diets, or endless workout hours

You get:

  • Twelve 45 minute in-person small group workout sessions that are geared to tone your booty and so much more!
  • Private Facebook group that I monitor daily. Use it for accountability, motivation, support, to ask questions and share your successes :) 

Free Bonuses:

Prep for Success Worksheet
This important worksheet helps you wrap your head around the next six weeks and sets you up to succeed! Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance (the 5 P’s). You also have free access to a previously recorded call where I discuss the importance of this worksheet and give a lot of insight and tips for your success.

Two Saturday make-up sessions
These extra days are great in case your life ever gets in the way of attending a regularly scheduled session. They become an extra bonus when you don’t miss during the week :) Dates based on group consensus. 


Life and Mindset Coaching
Many women personal coach with me in addition to group work because they are ready to up-level their lives and bodies for good and need additional support and coaching to get them unstuck from outdated patterns and habits that have kept them from lasting success. 

Personal coaching is for you if (check all that apply):

  • You overthink everything and stay stalled from taking effective action with your fitness, career, financial, or relationship goals
  • You are tired of living a life and/or having a body that’s ‘just OK’
  • You are your own worst enemy and critic
  • People pleasing, controlling everything, being a perfectionist, and comparing yourself to others are common go-to behaviors and you practice some or all of them
  • You are uncomfortable speaking up for your values and boundaries and/or need clarity about what they are
  • You are tired of having marginal success then relapsing with fitness and/or other goals

During the six weeks of Booty Camp choose to add-on 2-6 personal one-hour phone coaching sessions (use by 7/30/17) at the discounted rate of $105 each (regular $115).

Personal Coaching includes: Comprehensive Invention Packet, customized sessions and assignments, accountability and support with unlimited personal email access.

Booty Camp Schedule

Six Weeks
Tuesday & Thursday
Choose 5/23 or 6/6 start date
Limited to six women for maximum support and coaching

Upcoming vacation? I can accommodate that


My home studio near North Chattanooga. When we can be outside we are :) 

Not local but want in? Contact me (fill out the form below) and I'll give you other effective options (for the same investment.) 



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