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MindBodySWEAT Self-Study Online Course


→ Tired of playing it small and not speaking up for what you really want and need?

→ Tired of being the glue trying to hold everything and everyone together?

→ Tired of putting on a happy face pretending everything is 'fine' when inside you're pissed, overwhelmed, unhappy or all three?

→ Tired of beating yourself up for not losing those last ten pounds? For not being good enough? For that extra glass of wine?

→ Tired of comparing your body and your life to an unrealistic standard?


Having a body and life that makes you unapologetically happy doesn't have to be a far off dream OR hard and tiring.


MindBodySWEAT is a course like no other that un-does in eight weeks what has kept you stuck for years and maybe longer. You learn to strengthen your mind and body while losing the physical and mental weight for good. 

Here’s the thing, I really sucked at being a woman for several decades of my life. I made having a great body and a life that I was truly happy in really, really hard to achieve (even though I ironically thought I was happy). Everything started unravelling about 15 years ago and roughly seven years ago I crashed.

But then (big smile:)) I figured it out! I learned how to let go of old mindsets and patterns that were keeping me in ‘should’, people pleasing, and perfection HELL.

I created MindBodySWEAT because life is waaaaaay too damn short to stay stuck, unhappy, and unhealthy and here’s what I found out: 

Us women are more alike than what you might think.

After years of experimenting with my own life and listening to and coaching hundreds of women I have realized that what keeps us from having amazing lives (and bodies) really boils down to some very common patterns.


Does any of this sound familiar?



You aren’t happy or satisfied with your looks no matter what you look like. You don’t celebrate your successes or compliments because there’s always a next level you need to reach before you will feel pretty, fit, or successful enough. You can’t rest because you never feel worthy enough or that you’re doing enough. Oh, and, ‘you’ve got this!’ and don’t need anyone’s help. You’re often anxious and tired at the same time and to relax you reach for wine, a candy bar, mindless TV, etc.


You’re always striving for your next promotion, a bigger sales quota, the ideal relationship, or a cleaner house before you can allow yourself to be enough or to rest. But you move the bar so it's always an inch out of reach. People tell you how awesome you are and how they wish they could be more like you because you've got it all together and inside you cringe because you know the real truth. You're stressed and don't feel perfect at all, so you keep trying harder.



You might actually have some weight to lose because you have let yourself go. Why? Because you run around for everyone else and make sure everyone else’s life takes priority. You notice that you’re short tempered and anxious a lot and wonder how you even arrived at this life of ‘have-to’ and ‘should’. You are starting to recognize that you never really feel worthy to simply do for you. If there is a scrap left at the end of the day for you you’re too tired, stressed, or overwhelmed to do anything about it. Food (wine, smokes, etc) is your support group.


Since you don’t have time to take care of yourself anyway you just continue making sure you keep doing for your boss, partner, kids, the cat, strangers, friends, etc. You don’t feel like your opinion or life matters very much and you feel less than everyone else.



You’re always concerned about what people think about you and of course you always think it’s something negative. Your body never measures up to the women at the gym which makes you very self-conscience and you feel like a loser because you can’t seem to embrace juice cleanses like everyone else. Other women are more toned, athletic, less wrinkled, or perkier than you. You’re anxious and wish so bad you could be more like everyone else. “She's so motivated. Why can’t you be more like her?”


"I wish my family was more like theirs. They're always so happy and loving." "What am I doing wrong that I'm not further ahead in my career?"  You compare your career success, financial status, relationships, house size, even your former self to your current one and you lose that battle too.



You have a very tight rein on what you eat and how much you exercise because you don’t trust yourself to go with the flow. You’re all or nothing and because you’ve made it so restrictive and regimented to succeed that when you fall off the wagon it’s worse off than before. You’re pissed at yourself because you thought you had everything under control and you don’t know how you can possibly try any harder. Your motivation and willpower are under constant fire and next thing you know you’re eating the entire box of Krispy Kremes.


You micro-manage and over-function at work and home and get your shorts in a wad when things don’t go as planned. And because life never does work as ‘planned’, you’re frustrated a lot of the time. You typically have too much on your plate and lose sleep at night wondering how you're going to manage everything and get it done. You're typically running on fumes and stressed about everything you've got going but when you're asked if you need help you shrug it off with "I got this."



I used to be all of these women combined into one big ball of shitty mess. It was exhausting and I finally crashed. What happened after that? I figured out how to live! Really live! I learned how to be happy with my body, relationships, and career and I learned how to do it all with so much less effort than before.


MindBodySWEAT teaches you how to re-think the way you have designed your body and life up until this point and gives you pivotal and proven tools to practice that help you re-design them to be stronger, healthier, leaner, and more vibrant!

These tools allow you to let go of the people pleasing, controlling, perfectionist, and comparing behaviors that have kept you stalled out.  

You learn how to make it easier to have the life (and body!) you want instead of muscling through or quitting. 

Because here’s something else I have learned:


Are you tired of...

  Playing the “I've got this” role and pretending that everything is so great when it’s really not?

→  Having anxiety about what people might think if they really knew what was going on in your life?

→  Not getting the support you need because you are afraid to ask for it?

→  Telling yourself that no one will relate to or understand what you’re going through or that you will appear weak if you do reach out?



Being a part of a non-judging and supportive environment allows you to get un-stuck quickly. And that frees-up so much time and energy to practice the right tools that move you into the life and body you want so much!

LADIES: This is more than working out. This is life coaching. This is you becoming the version of yourself you thought impossible or too hard. 

I have done this program 3 times I love it so much. You’re worth it.
— Melanie Silva, Vice President of Smart Furniture
Before MindBodySWEAT I was scared, negative and I was good at beating myself up. And now? I found my inner strength; I am more confident mentally, emotionally and physically. It wasn’t easy at times, but I challenged myself. So speaking from personal experience, my best advice would be to sign up even if you’re scared as hell, and do it anyway—you won’t regret it!
— Annette Longoria-Adams –– Elementary Educator

♥  Be kinder to yourself and stop repeating old patterns and negative self-talk that keeps you stuck and from having the body and life you truly want

♥  Say no and ask for what you want and need in ways that are meaningful, kind, and produce results

♥  Identify what triggers you to people please, control everything, be a perfectionist, and compare yourself to unrealistic standards and practice up-leveling ways to move into opposite and healthier patterns

♥  Be more authentically YOU! Not a watered down ho-hum version of you who is stalled out, stressed, and frazzled

♥  Take charge of your day and what you're doing with your time by getting clear on your values and purpose

♥  Create more (guilt-free) time for you because you’re worth it

♥   Be a much more productive thinker and learn how to let go of thoughts that are keeping you stuck, afraid, and stressed

♥  Distinguish between your mean inner critic and your kick-ass intuition and get good at putting your inner critic in her place

♥  Catch yourself quickly and learn how to switch gears when you start over-thinking, taking things personally, or assuming the worst

♥  Be more courageous on a daily basis!

♥  Be really happy and live now instead of the past or future

♥   Expand your comfort zone so that you’re living more and staying scared less

♥   Take action! Especially when you don’t feel like it

♥   Be consistent with your workouts so you achieve your weight loss, toning, and flexibility goals

♥   Show up in your life and relationships with more calm, love, and happiness


♦   A healthier, happier, and more flexible mind that works with and for you instead of against you

♦  A healthier body that is smaller, tighter, and more flexible

♦   Accountability and encouragement from me 

♦   Weekly course work that keeps you moving forward toward your happier and healthier life. The life that you own and feel great in!

♦   Private Facebook group to share your successes and ask for and receive ongoing and personal encouragement and support


⇒ Weekly mind up-leveling worksheets that get you unstuck and move you forward!

These worksheets are yours forever and great tools to revisit every 3-6 months as you continue making positive shifts in your life

⇒ Four instructional video workouts for all levels

These workouts are geared to tone, tighten, and make you smaller, more energized, stronger, and happier. They are challenging and can be modified for all levels. 

⇒ Two 1/2 hour phone coaching sessions with me

Use these to gain clarity, get unstuck, as a sounding board, encouragement, accountability, or whatever you need! These are for you and they're powerful

⇒ Ample email access to me for when (not if!) you need extra support, have a question, or need guidance

My response time is 24 hours (or in many cases sooner) M-F 5am-4pm est.

⇒ Private Facebook group that is open only to MindBodySWEAT women.

This is another way to connect with me and the women in the group to get and give non-judging support, ask questions, and definitely lots of high-fives and encouragement!

⇒ Weekly homework that I hold you accountable for

This is a super powerful partnership! One that you succeed at!

♥  You receive an instructional video every other week that is varied, fun, and challenging and requires minimal space and no added workout equipment

♥  All workouts are circuit-based because they give you the most cardio, strength, flexibility, toning, and weigh loss for your buck

♥  I give you options based on your current fitness level and ways you can modify exercises based on common challenges (knee problems for example)

♥  Each video builds from the last in both duration, skill, and intensity. The shortest workout is 20 minutes and the longest is 45 minutes. However, there is no right or wrong way to do them. I just want you to MOVE on a regular and consistent basis! That’s the key to lasting success always!

♥  I am a stickler on the importance of good form and I address the right and wrong way to do all exercises in each video


Weeks 1, 2, and 3 Inner Critic (that bitch!)

Meet your Inner Critic. Who is she and what is she saying? Get good at up-leveling your awareness to know specifically when your inner critic is triggered and create a healthier and productive action plan to manage her effectively

Learn specifically how your Inner Critic keeps you in whatever pattern(s) you identify with most: People pleasing, controlling, comparing, perfection, or isolation

After this segment you are so much better at recognizing (and doing something about!!) your unhealthy patterns and you feel much more empowered

Week 4 Fear vs Intuition (your Inner Kick-Ass best friend)

Learn how to determine if it’s fear keeping you from growth or intuition leading you in the right direction of growth. Both can seem fearful and it’s often confusing to know which is which. This week you learn to listen to, begin trusting, and taking action on your Inner Kick-Ass best friend

Week 5 Forgiveness for all!

This is a super powerful week of allowing yourself to forgive yourself and forgive others. You stay stuck from growth and happiness until you do this and do it the right way

Week 6 Gratitude for the good, bad, and ugly

This isn’t just surface ‘yeah, I’m grateful for my health’ bullshit. We dig deep and get good at recognizing the much bigger and smaller picture of gratitude. This is a keystone habit

Week 7 Values - Time - Productivity

This is a robust week of targeted questions that allow you to get clear on what you value and where exactly you’re headed. This clarity allows you to say Hell YES and Hell NO much quicker and easier and keeps you from staying stuck in maybe hell. Getting clear gives you more time for being happy, achieving your goals, and living life!

Week 8 The Four Agreements

This week is a game changer fo-sho and it’s based on Don Miguel Ruiz’s book The Four Agreements. You learn how to catch yourself when you’re going down ‘assuming the worst’ road or ‘taking things personal’ path. You learn how to be more authentic and straight-forward in your communication with everyone in your life.

Week 8 is a great way to top off your tank of living a healthy, strong, and vibrant life (with a body you love to boot!)



  • Eight assignments (one each week) that are yours to keep and reference forever
  • Four video workouts (one every-other week) that you can do forever
  • Two 1/2 hour coaching calls with me
  • Unlimited email support during your eight weeks
  • Private Facebook group
  • Eight weeks of accountability, support, and transformation! 




This is a great investment to create a body and life you love. Appreciate all of the personal support you get from me for this price.  A point of reference: An hour one-on-one coaching session alone is $115.

After your payment goes through (typically 1-7 days depending on how you pay) you will receive a welcome email from me with:

  • Details about how to contact me
  • How to schedule your two 1/2 hour phone coaching sessions
  • A link to join the private Facebook group
  • Your first week's assignment
  • The first workout video



How much do you cover nutrition?
This is not the focus of the course however if you want to incorporate discussion about nutrition during your coaching calls we can. 

I am not a nutritionist and so when we talk about food/drinks it’s more about quantity and this vs that. Important stuff for sure, but my focus is primarily on helping you figure out why you do what you do. Food and drinks are the symptom. Figuring out the bigger picture is the solution.

Will I do well in this course?
You will do amazingly well when you feel the fear and go for it anyway! This course is all about raising your consciousness and letting go of outdated thoughts and habits that have kept you stuck and bringing forward new ones that actually produce more joy and peace in your life! When you put in the time and effort you will create a better mind and body that is even more healthy, vibrant, and alive!

How do the 1/2 hour coaching sessions work?
People typically schedule the sessions around week 3 and week 6 and you can use them any way you like. Need more clarity about an assignment that's got you stuck? Need support? A sounding board? Mentoring? Use them however you want! When you're clear and targeted about what you want to cover we accomplish a lot.

Time commitment
1 hour (+ or -) for journaling and assignments. Each video workout you choose to will tack on another 30 minutes-1 hour of time and I recommend 3-4 each week if you're serious about losing weight and toning that bod! 

No cancelations or refunds.

Is this Therapy?
No. I am not a therapist, psychologist, or anyone with a long acronym after their name. I work with people who are ready to move forward and leave their past where it the past. Who want to be even better at life!

Fitness level
The videos are for all levels and you're encouraged to work at your own pace. Safe modifications are always given because staying injury free is important!

What do I know about teaching this course?
I hold my personal training certificate with National Strength and Conditioning Association, one of the top three certification programs. I have been an effective trainer for over ten years and I am a stickler for form and teaching you how to do it right so you stay injury free while also giving you the most effective workouts for body shaping and weight loss. Your time is precious so I help you use it safely and effectively (while also having lots of fun!)

Fitness is my passion and so is being an avid learner who craves figuring out life, why we stay stuck, what the bottom line is, and what the solutions are. I have spent decades treating my life as one big experiment and after years of self-study, being coached, and numerous skill-building courses I emerged to help women like you who also want to figure it out and move beyond a life that’s just OK and stressful and into a life that feels more free, authentic, and alive!

I still have questions!
Great. Contact me and we can either clear it up via email or we'll set up a quick call