I’m so glad you’re interested in Power of Happy 2.0! 

I’m leading this CWLI Affinity group for high-achieving women like you who want powerful take-action tools that add to your genuine happiness, effectiveness, and leadership both at work and at home.

This is a fun, real, and dynamic space to…

  • Have meaningful discussions (without judgement) 

  • Learn new 'ah-has'

  • Form deeper connections with other women

  • Apply better tools that give you even more ease, flow, and joy

Here’s what we’re covering in the first quarter:

June — Productive thinking works. Your thoughts and words matter…a lot

July — Fire your Inner Critic! She’s keeping you from joy, goals, relationships…you name it

August — Stop being busy. Learn the real way to create time and balance

September — Weight loss and exercise. You know what to do but why aren't you doing it?

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