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An eight-week small group coaching class for women ready to experience what real success looks and feels like when you lose your Inner Critic.

Sept. 19 - Nov. 7. Limited to eight women.

Sure, so many areas of your life are good. 

    • You love supporting your favorite charities

    • You smile when you remember your amazing travel experiences

    • You get to splurge on great food, wine, and concerts

Until you think about why…

    • You’re still coasting in a ‘meh’ relationship or career

    • Other people are more successful (in shape…further along…happier…etc….) than you

    • You feel unfulfilled, stuck, and on the hamster wheel despite your successes 

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You know there must be more to life and a better way to move through it
and you know what?

You’re absolutely right. 

Girlfriend, don’t you dare settle for a good life. 



 A good life is hard and unfulfilling. It’s filled with have-tos, shoulds, and B.S. rules. A good life is killing your clarity, self-worth, and your future. The one where you live full-on and authentically you in all areas of your life.

And if you’re like me, you created this good life with the help of your Inner Critic who told you that…

  • Having strict control and being a perfectionist is helpful — it’s how you got where you are today

  • Beating yourself up is the best way to stay motivated

  • Putting yourself last and doing ‘all the things’ shows how much you care and how selfless you are

  • Happiness and peace is on the other side of your next promotion (losing that belly fat…finding the one…)

‘She’ probably also warns you to….

  • Be cautious about speaking up or being your full-on self

  • Care a lot about what people think

  • Be accommodating so you’re likable

  • Hide the ‘less desirable’ parts about you

And then you…

  • Feel drained

  • Live with low-level anxiety and unease

  • Cope in negative ways

  • Never. Feel. Enough.

  • Wonder what the F!? Why am I stuck and why don’t I know how to change it?

I know all about this. I was lead by my Inner Critic for decades and sure, she drove me to many successes but she also drove me into the ground. 

I finally crashed from burn-out and overwhelm because I had given so much of myself away that I felt lost and depleted.

I was determined to dig out of that hole and re-connect with the feisty, ’watch out, here I come!’ confident and fearless Kelly.

I took my power back and learned the kick-ass tools that taught me how to do life authentically and without my Inner Critic’s brand of ‘success’.

Kelly Summersett

Hi, I’m Kelly and I’m so damn glad you’re here because it says so much about you! You’re ready to…

— Live life to the fullest and exude more inner-confidence

— Finally learn the right tools that get you unstuck quick and for good

— See improvements in all areas of your life

— Be crystal clear and confident about who you are and what you want

— Thrive in your relationships (romantic or otherwise)

My  checkboard and Unstuck graphic.png


Next Level You is designed to make your next level of life inevitable. 

You naturally…

Copy of Kelly Summersett checkboard (2).png

— Take bold on-target actions without stalling out

— Have inner peace and flow no matter what life’s throwing at you

— Live with a new level of joy

— Trust yourself to follow-through on your goals and honor your boundaries

— Have relationships that thrive

— Feel enough

— Move away from your draining Inner Critic patterns

— Shift into the next level of you

clients love this best


Genuine connections with other women who are ready to get to their next levels too


Support and encouragement to take bolder on-target actions they’d normally put off


Accountability — No B.S. — Permanent shifts

My clients say it best


Here’s what to expect each week:

Being 'so busy' is messing with your happiness & Productivity (9).png
Being 'so busy' is messing with your happiness & Productivity (11).png
Being 'so busy' is messing with your happiness & Productivity (10).png

Here’s what you’ll accomplish


Get great at ‘seeing’ her sabotaging tactics so that you know how to quickly course correct, tune her out, and take bold actions in your life.

Realize how amazing it feels to be now, fully present, and out of your head (where your Inner Critic wants you to live) and how to tune into your kick-ass Intuition so that, no matter what’s going on in your world, you feel grounded, confident, and in charge.



Line up your passions, values, and boundaries to your bigger goals so that you get unstuck and experience living full-on.


Learn how to stop caring what people think or questioning yourself or your actions so that no matter what you’re doing or who you’re with you’re 100% YOU.

A deeper understanding about how your mind operates, why you don’t have to take your thoughts so seriously, and how to be work with them vs. fighting against them for lasting shifts.


The schedule

This session of Next Level You is 100% in-person so if you’re local to Chattanooga, TN this is gonna rock!

Eight weeks. Every Thursday. Start time 6pm. Location TBD.

*Sept. 19 — 6pm-8pm

Sept. 26 — 6pm-7pm

Oct. 3 — 6pm-7pm

*Oct. 10 — 6pm-8pm

Oct. 17 — 6pm-7pm

Oct. 24 — 6pm-7pm

Oct. 31 — 6pm-7pm

Nov. 7 — 6pm-7pm

*Two built-in longer intensives

The investment

  • Ten-hours of in-person small group coaching (eight women max)

  • Unlimited email access to me between sessions

  • Weekly worksheets and accountability assignments

  • BONUS — Weekly drawing for a personal development book to encourage bold action taking

  • BONUS — 45 minute 1:1 personal coaching session exclusively tailored to you where we get a shit ton accomplished! This is my way of accommodating travel schedules and it becomes an extra bonus if you don’t need to miss any sessions.


Like to save money (me too!)? Sign-up by Friday, Sept. 13th and pay $790.

extra bonus when signing up now

Prep for Success Pre-Class Worksheet
It’s very important to me that everyone succeeds during our eight weeks together. This worksheet allows you to take stock of everything you’ve got going on so you determine what needs to be completed, tabled, or removed from your plate to make room for this work.

It’s as valuable as the rest of the eight weeks because when you come into the course properly prepared you are setting yourself up for SUCCESS! This worksheet gives you unlimited email access to me too for positive support and accountability.

Payment options: PayPal (no fee when paying through checking/savings account or 3% when using credit card) or Google Pay.

One payment or two equal payments of $440.00 (prior to start and 10/10)


This is an intimate class of eight women so it’s important to get to know each other. Plus, I can answer your questions and give you next steps if you’re a hell yes.

Name *


I can’t afford this class right now. When will you offer it again?
It is likely that I will re-run this class in 2020 but it may not include the same number of in-person coaching hours.

If this helps, when I am hesitant about spending money I ask myself serious questions like how much has not getting the help I need costing me? How long has this been an issue for me? A year? Longer? What happens if I’m still stuck in my default life a year from now? 

I’ve tried many self-help tools and I’m skeptical this class will work
I get it. All’s I can say is that lasting shifts happen when I coach people if they’re open to putting in the effort to get to their next level (even if they’re nervous about it).

I help you get to the root of what has kept you stuck which is always some combination of old habits, thinking patterns, and Inner Critic B.S., and then give you new tools to practice that make it much easier to succeed for good. 

This class and format work so well because you’re doing it with other like-minded women and you’re accountable to yourself, them, and to me to take bolder actions you wouldn’t normally take on your own.

Will I do well in this course?
You will do amazingly well when you feel the fear and go for it anyway! This course is all about raising your consciousness and letting go of outdated thoughts and habits that have kept you stuck and bringing forward new ones that actually produce more joy, peace and lasting results.

Who would hate this course?
If you like to complain, make excuses, and blame others or the world for your circumstances this is not the course for you. This course is for people who are ready to take responsibility for their lives and do what needs to be done to elevate to the next level of awesome!

Time commitment
Besides our time together each week, plan for an additional 1 1/2 hours (+ or -) for assignments.

Pay in full prior to the start date or choose two equal payments (prior to start and beginning of week #4) I accept credit card through Paypal (3% fee for that option unless you transfer from your checking account) and Google Pay.

This is a definite eight week commitment you make to yourself and to the other women. We’re a fierce tribe! This is why we set up a quick phone chat to make sure you’re a HELL YES! before the class begins.

I travel and can’t make all the sessions
Many women I coach have this dilemma which is why I’ve built in one 45-minute personal coaching session with just us. Because this session is 1:1 we accomplish A LOT.

Is this Therapy?
No. I am not a therapist, psychologist, or anyone with a long acronym after their name. I work with people who are ready to move forward and leave their past where it the past. Who want to be even better at life!


This is an intimate class of eight women so it’s important to get to know each other. Plus, I can answer your questions and give you next steps if you’re a hell yes.

Name *