The perfect shitstorm

I didn’t grow up dreaming of being a life coach. No. Life coaching found me over ten years ago when, ironically, my ‘life’ was pretty stinky. Well, many parts of it were pretty bad long before then but let’s say that’s when it all finally hit the fan. 

That was the time I decided to end my happy marriage (happy in pictures, at social gatherings and around family), while simultaneously growing my personal training business, and learning to be a single mom to my eleven and eight year olds.

I was off-the-charts scared and filled with horrendous fears.

What if…

  • My business bombs and I can’t afford my bills? Should I just get a ‘real’ job?

  • My kids don’t want to live with me or they resent me?

  • My family’s right and I’m totally selfish for getting a divorce? 

  • I never find love again and I die alone? 

  • I’m not lovable?

  • I don’t know how to have a healthy relationship?

That’s when my washing machine literally gave me a big F.U.! No joke. You can read about it here.

The good news? It woke me up! I was determined to figure out how to do my life opposite of how I’d done it so far because I was sick of being tired and feeling unfulfilled, depleted, afraid, resentful, guilty, ashamed, angry, and stuck. 

So I hired great coaches who helped me uncover stuck patterns (check out how painful I made it to hire my first coach). I became obsessed with learning and more importantly applying all the profound stuff (hello Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Zig Ziglar, Brene Brown, Deepak Chopra, Jen Sincero, Gabrielle Bernstein, Martha Beck, Marie Forleo and so many more!) And I came out of the shitstorm looking, smelling, and feeling like a beautiful springtime daisy. Corny analogy but I’m going with it ;) 

In my 52 years I’ve also…

Overcome food and exercise craziness. This is actually one of my proudest accomplishments because I never thought there could be a day I wouldn’t obsess about food, exercise, or the way I looked. Now? I fill myself up with life and I stay a healthy weight without the stress, anxiety, over-thinking, controlling and all of the other B.S. that used to wear. me. out. Here’s my before and after pics ;)

Kelly Summersett happiness coach.jpg

Become gay. Yeah, that was a surprise to me too ;) After the divorce I wrote down who I wanted in a future partner and started it with, “I’m not sure if my partner is a he or a she….” and guess what? I found her twelve days later and we’ve been inseparably googly-eyed since 2012. Loving a woman has brought me to a whole new level of authenticity (here’s more about that.)

Raised teenagers. Mic drop ;) Ya’ll know this is tough. Remember when we were teens!? They’re well-adjusted, useful and productive citizens who are very independent. What’s the opposite of helicopter mom? That’s me. Ever see the movie Bad Moms? That was me before everything hit the fan. Here’s what I’ve got to say on that.

Stopped listening to my negative shit talk. This one right here blows everything else out of the water because it is literally what kept me stuck and unfulfilled all those years. My shitty thoughts told me it was important to…

  • Put everyone else’s needs first. And then be resentful about it…and drained.

  • Be a control freak and have strict parameters on what I ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ do, eat, say, etc yet I ironically felt completely out of control since it never worked or worked for long.

  • Compare myself to unrealistic standards and always focus on how I wasn’t doing enough (or wasn’t good enough…motivated enough…thin enough…successful enough…)Talk about an energy drain. Get my free guide all about this!

Who knew that on the other side of my shitstorm was a kick ass Kelly waiting to live full-on! 

So yeah, being in that storm wasn’t the the most fun time I’ve ever had but it’s what turned me into the very real, relatable and effective coach I am today. Life coaching found me because I found life. 

Hell yeah!

Ready to take back your power over your life? It's absolutely possible and doesn't take as long as you may think to go from stuck to full-on for good

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Hiring a coach feels super risky, I get it. It was really difficult for me to get to the point where I was ready to make the investment, but I’m so glad that I did. If you trust Kelly’s process and commit to doing the work, you’ll see an exponential return on your investment. Not only am I a much happier and healthier person, but my business more than doubled during our three months together. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.
— Josiah Goff, Marketing Technology Consultant