I did my life all wrong

I never felt good enough or that I was accomplishing enough. Cut to years of stress, lack of sleep, emotional eating, anxiety, bitterness, workout addiction, overwhelm, and an overall manic life that revolved around everyone but me...sound familiar?

I thought I had to hold everything and everyone together and definitely never show any weakness because I was strong, damn it!

I set unrealistic goals and then used negative motivation to ‘succeed.’ I held on tight to control and rarely gave myself permission to celebrate my achievements because there was always “the next thing” around the corner.

Because I was always stressed, I turned to food for solace. I would workout for hours each week so I wouldn’t gain weight because I always wanted to be seen as super fit and healthy. Even though everyone told me I looked great, I never believed them.

It was an absolute bullshit way to live and here’s the crazy part: I truly thought I was happy. I honestly thought that was how life was supposed to go (I was literally the mom in the movie Bad Moms) Oh, hell no!

After I crashed from self-induced stress and extreme overwhelm, I figured out how to take my power back and do life on my terms.

I started living for me and stopped listening to the critical voice in my head telling me that I wasn’t enough. 

I let go of control, slowed down, and learned to go-with-the-flow which made me more productive, creative, successful and happy.

I figured out my values and boundaries and learned to use my voice to speak up for them without all of the self-imposed guilt and worry over what people thought.

I started taking care of my needs first and consequently witnessed my relationships thrive.

I got off the crazy train of emotional eating and workout mania and learned how to fill up from life which meant I no longer needed to use excessive food or exercise as a way to ‘cope’. My weight leveled off naturally and the mirror and I became friends (did you know that was possible?).

I found my soulmate, got the guts to turn my life and health coaching passions into a successful career, and started defining happiness according to MY truths and values. (Important Value: Fun. Fun = Dancing. Yeah!)

Ready to feel that way too? It is possible, and I want to help YOU.

My clients make more money, find their soulmates, get the guts to leave their dead-end jobs, lose weight for good, stop having bad days, and wake up excited to live out their passions. We get to celebrate successes and see my clients’ health, happiness, and confidence shoot through the roof!

What do you want to overcome?

Kelly is a great listener and helps you identify what you judge about yourself and feel shame about which allows for magical healing to take place. With her help, I’m a shinier and happier version of me!
— Melanie Silva, Vice President of Sales