What does taking back
your power mean? 

We give so much of our time and energy away to the wrong stuff and one day we wake up and feel pretty damn powerless over our lives, health, or happiness and often times all three. And I have a very strong opinion that that's not how we're supposed to go through this one precious life! 

Taking your power back means you start living unapologetically for you (which isn't selfish by the way), your dreams and goals. You're courageous and bold in your decisions and choices (without the guilt and shame) and you're able to take action quickly and confidently. 

That's how I define it. How do you define it? 







Bold start

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance (the 5 P's!) so I have you start by completing my comprehensive Invention Packet. It helps both you and me determine your starting point, what you want to accomplish, and what has been keeping you from it. 

And then we go! I get you moving toward your goals and dreams by helping you develop a practical plan and then hold you accountable to take regular action steps to achieve it.

It’s not really magic but it sure feels like it once you get unstuck and start living bigger, bolder, and happier!

Attentive ears

I listen really well and hear everything, especially the stuff that you may not even recognize is keeping you from your amazing life (perhaps you know but don’t know what to do about it). I ask you lots of questions that help you gain clarity of your vision and allow you to verbalize and uncover old belief patterns that have been holding you back (trust me, we’ve all got ‘em).

Big heart

After nearly ten years of coaching there’s one thing I know for certain: I pretty much always relate to your story, where you’re stuck, and why. I have been through a lot of tough shit and walked through lots of fiery pits of hell in my time so I get it. I know what it’s like and also know what to do to get you out of there so you don’t stay stuck!

Straight talk

Even though I relate to your story (see Big Heart above) don’t think I’m going to sugar coat stuff or coddle you cause that’s just not me. I am not one to beat around the bush because it’s a waste of time and energy and you or I don’t have time for that! Open and honest relationships are what I’m about because that’s how we accomplish awesome shit!


Coaching is work, no doubt about it. But I also believe it doesn’t have to be all serious and rigid either so yes, I insert fun because it also works. Plus, I am sadly confident that we don’t have enough of it in our lives and that’s B.S.!

Mindset mastery

No matter if you come to me for a healthier body, better career, amazing relationship, or to learn how to take back your power and joy over your existing life I always start with coaching your mind since that’s where everything literally starts. 

Shifting out of old beliefs and patterns and into ones that actually line up with who you are ready to become is the key to lasting and amazing results in your life and/or your body

Sound education

Your mind and body are pretty damn fascinating and knowing how they work together (or not) is very empowering. I’m a giddy schoolgirl geek when it comes to learning and applying effective, practical, and research-based tools in my own life and I pass the best of the best onto my clients. Knowledge and application puts you back in the power position of your life. 

The best education I have ever received (in addition to what my kick-ass coaches catapult me into!) is what I’ve learned from my culmination of sucky life fails. My incessant passion to learn and grow from them has shaped me into the very real, relatable, and effective coach to people who are ready to really live this one precious life full-on!

I am super proud to be a life, health, and happiness coach who has actually learned first hand (and the hard way) how to be one! 

Beautiful results

People truly learn how to love themselves and yeah, I know that may get me a few eye rolls (I used to roll my eyes all the time about self-love B.S.) but hell, isn’t it worth a try if by learning to develop a loving relationship with yourself you find your soul mate? Live your passion (or figure out what it is)? Approach life truly happy and calm even when the shit hits the fan? Speak up for yourself without guilt or worry? Eat to live instead of live to eat? Have a body you love? 

Guess what? I have helped hundreds of people achieve all of that and more. 

Life is too short not to be living it full-on, out loud, and so damn happy. If that’s what you are ready to have I gotcha covered.

Taking back your power over your life, health and happiness feels

Kelly makes you aware of your self-destructive patterns – the ones you don’t even realize you’re doing. She doesn’t sugar coat anything and she holds you accountable and teaches you to hold yourself accountable. She inspires you to be a better person and a better version of yourself.
— Lani Skyes, Entrepreneur